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There are 7 lanes on each side at its widest points, totaling 14 lanes in all. Crossing the avenue by walking often takes several minutes. According to Wikipedia, "it takes pedestrians normally two to three green lights to cross it" but I don't see any places where pedestrians can stop during red lights in the middle of the street.....so what...do they have to run across?? Has anyone been there?
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Now that I see it, it should be Avenida, not Avenido :P That's a typo :)
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@GuzmanDiaz you're right thanks! I corrected it :)
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wow that is like playing frogger
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i wonder how much time you get to cross the sevenlane O_o @beeonka 1-2 minutes?
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@PiuPiuPENGUIN don't remember, fast cuz i was running u__u
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