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Hello, my Mercs with Mouths and Mercs without mouths. The Mod season is about to come to a close. So we do not know who will Mod where etc. However, I will always be Wade's wife wherever I end up. But that's not the point. Mod's change but community rules do not. I have been gone for a little bit and I noticed people has taken the initiative to break one of Vingle prime rules. Which is make sure the content you have is relevant to the community. Meaning, there sound not be some that has to do with helicopters in Marvel, unless Thanos is flying it. DC should not have anything there that states join eBay and win 50 dollars. Funny @danidee home should not have a post conveniencing you to buy a microwave. Of course my home Supernatural should not have someone trying to sell us holy water. It's a show, we are not evil. Keep religious beliefs and such out of it. Now this post I'm going to cross community post because this is something that needs to be followed as per Vingle community Rules. Remember when you don't follow the rules, it becomes tougher on the Mod's and support teams you love.
Language is another important part. Please do not call people out of their name and be mindful of who you market your entries to. I, myself am a adult.. However there are plenty of people here who are not. So keep your language and adult situations in check.
Deadpool himself made it clear. No spoilers.. So hey be nice to your Vingle community, if you have a spoiler post list it, so others can avoid not to look at it. It is super nice when we can work together and everything is all good in Vingle land! With that being said, this particular post will be a cross community one. It happens to us all. I'm just dropping a reminder. Head Merc with a Mouth + No Filter Mrs. Deadpool Wilson ❤️❤️
@danidee I agree with you! I don't now the fate of Marvel, I have not seen @shannonl5 around but it should be something that is addressed and done promptly. Btw, people reading this I'm taking to everyone lol. I am even talking to myself because I make mistakes to. We are here to learn from each other!
@SimplyAwkward Deadpool passes me the messages and I write it down without his profanity 😂😂 Yes, spoiler is a big issue revolving Anime communities with Marvel & DC Communities. I am the current Mod of SPN and I try to speak in the past because I know how it is to be spoiled on 😑
BLESS YOU DEADPOOL, because people have been posting a slight but of fairy tail spoilers a few weeks back
Well, if you need help I am down to helppppp.
We should make a spoiler warning picture like the anime community has!
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