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Okay, I was going to wait a little longer to write this chapter, but I couldn't wait to write it! Happy Reading! Warning: It doesn't get that smutty, but I'm still going to include a warning. So, Warning, smut scenarios ahead (And a rollercoaster of feels)
Jackson licks his lips before grabbing Mark's face, bringing Mark's lips to his. Jackson closes his eyes and relishes in the feeling of having Mark's soft lips on his. 'God, this feels so good,' he thinks to himself. Mark can't think straight for a minute, but then his eyes go wide. What the hell is Jackson doing? He's never expressed interest in Mark before. Mark places his hands on Jackson's chest and pushes himself off of Jackson, breaking the kiss. Jackson opens his eyes and just stares at Mark. His mind is racing. What did he do wrong? Was he mistaken? Did Mark not like him like he thought he did? Mark looks away from Jackson and looks down at the floor. "I- I'm sor-sorry," he stutters out, feeling his cheeks become hot. Why did he just make a complete fool of himself? He's been wanting Jackson to do something like that for so long, so why did he push him away? He lets out a frustrated sigh and runs a hand through his hair. Jackson watches Mark, seeing how flustered he is. He turns away from Mark and sighs, "Mark," he says. Mark looks up at Jackson, sucking in a quick breath. Jackson turns to face Mark, "I don't know what I am. I've been contemplating that for some time now. I don't quite understand what this means, but I do know that I like you," he pauses, inspecting Mark's face for some type of reaction. All he sees is Mark's beautiful face start to blush. He continues, "I don't know if I am gay, but I know that my feelings for you are strong. I know that I like you as more than a friend. I wasn't sure about them until now." He pauses again, not breaking eye contact with Mark. He sighs "Mark?" Jackson reaches his hand out and places it on Mark's cheek, his heart beating so hard he can feel it in his ears. "I want to kiss you again," he gulps, trying to contain his strong emotions, "Will you let me?" Mark's throat goes dry. He can't believe what he's hearing. He's been dreaming of this moment for such a long time. So why is he so nervous? Mark shakes his head yes, feeling nervousness build in his stomach. Jackson sighs and places his lips softly on Mark's. This time, Mark welcomes the kiss, parting his lips slightly so he can kiss Jackson. "I like you too," Mark whispers. Jackson smiles and kisses Mark harder. Mark's heart starts to beat faster. He never imagined that kissing Jackson would be this amazing. He reaches on of his hands up and grabs the back of Jackson's neck, running his fingers through his hair. Desperate to get closer, Mark tugs on Jackson's neck, trying to pull him closer. Jackson wraps his arms around Mark's waist and pulls Mark onto his lap. He runs his fingers through Mark's soft hair before detaching his lips from Mark's. Jackson places his lips on Mark's neck and starts to lightly suck on it, causing Mark to let out a soft moan at the sudden contact. Jackson can't help but feel proud that he made Mark moan like that, and boy, he wanted to keep hearing that moan come from Mark's lips. Jackson doesn't know where his sudden boost of confidence came from, but he didn't want it to fade as he slides his hand down Mark's torso to the hem of his shirt, his grip tight on the material. He starts to raise the material up, but then he feels Mark's hands detached from his neck. "Jackson, wait," Mark lets out, stopping Jackson from continuing. Jackson detaches his lips from Mark's neck and looks up at him, "Yeah," he lets out breathlessly. Mark looks down at Jackson's hand, which is still gripping the hem of his shirt. "I-I need t-to know how far this is going. I ne-need to know if we're going fur-further, or if we're just going to stay like this." Mark bites his lip. He didn't want to stop, but his mind got the best of him. What if he does something wrong? What if Jackson doesn't enjoy it? What if.... He couldn't stop thinking about the worst case scenario. Jackson looks down, noticing how Mark's hands were shaking badly. Jackson could tell he was nervous, but to be honest, so was he. Jackson's takes Mark's hands into his, trying to stop them from shaking. "Can we just stay like this for now?" he asks. Mark nods and wraps his arms around Jackson's neck, pulling him into a passionate kiss. Jackson returns the kiss and rest his arms around Mark's waist, tugging at Mark's shirt. He pulls back from Mark's lips, "Is it okay if you... you..." he looks down, to embarrassed to get his thought across to Mark. But Mark understands. Mark pulls away from Jackson and grabs his shirt, trying to hide his nervousness. He lifts it up over his head and throws it somewhere in the room. Jackson stares at Mark, taking in everything. He stares at Mark's scars from his abuse and from his self-harm, shocked that he hasn't seen them before. He looks at the small bruise on his hip that never seems to heal. He's never seen Mark without a shirt before, but despite his scars, he is still Mark. He's still the same person that Jackson has known his entire life. He takes in everything. 'He's so beautiful' he thinks. Mark looks down and wraps his arms around himself, becoming insecure about his scars. "I know. They're pretty ugly..." he trails off. Jackson grabs Mark's face with both of his hands, "They're not ugly," he states, pushing a stray hair out of Mark's face, "They're beautiful," he pushes Mark's arms out of the way and traces his scars with his fingers, "You're beautiful," he whispers. Mark can't believe what he's hearing. No one has ever called his scars beautiful; no one has never called him beautiful. Mark slams his lips back on Jackson's, almost making him fall backwards on the couch. He's never felt so loved before. Jackson returns the kiss, stopping briefly to take off his shirt. He deepens the kiss before going back to Mark's neck. Mark runs his hands up Jackson's torso, feeling his abs and resting his hands on Jackson's chest. Just then a thought comes across his mind. "So, I'm guessing I helped you instead of this "friend"?" Jackson grins into Mark's collarbone, "What gave it away?" He asks playfully before placing his lips back on Mark's soft lips. Mark chuckles, wrapping his arms back on Jackson's neck. This moment was perfect in every way, and both boys didn't want it to come to an end.


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