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Hi, it's been a century since I made a card, but I wanted to advertise my wattpad story. It's called Care For Me. My wattpad name is skylarakasky and if you search that you should see my other stories too. Below is the summary...
Jin is the type to care about others first, well just his brother Jimin. No one can come before him and he means that. It's always been just Jimin and him against the world ever since they got put in the foster system. He is determined to keep him save and as happy as possible. But, then what happens when Namjoon the student Body President keeps interfering with his plan to only care about Jimin. Now, you have Jimin, Jin's bubbly brother that loves to see the positive in every situation , but there's one boy that's caught his attention and his name is Yoongi. All he does is sit by himself and he never smiles. A matter of fact he doesn't show any emotion. Jimin being the curious person he is, is determined to crack Yoongi's shell and show him that life can be awesome if you want it to be.
If you find that interesting please check it out. You can also see my Vhope story I have called Ship us to Make Us. Again my username is Skylarakasky Book title is Care For Me