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So a song came on while i was studying and i thought about how cool these groups are even though they debuted in the 90s!!
TURBO: Again! With Kim Jong Kook from Running Man!! ^^ I love this song!! 2015 was Turbos 20th anniversary I believe!! Sooo easily jam out to this song! I want to learn the dancr during the chorus too! Kim Jong Kook looks sooo cool in this video.... I seriously DIE eveytime Kwangsoo comes out though xDDD
Jinusean: Tell Me One More Time! This song came out in 2015 and I liked it right away! It just had that kind of beat you could easily groove too! I sing along every time during the chorus too!
Shinhwa with a Sniper! I liked this song when it came out in 2015 too! I got to see Shinhwa perform live at KCON LA 15 and they are really good! I liked more songs by them after seeing them perform them! ^^
Gary from Leessang : Get Some Air! Gary fron Running Man came out with a solo album in 2015 as well! I really like this song and a couple others on this album too!
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Wait a minute! I didn't even think of them being that old haha. Really, I don't have a good perception of time
Add me to all tags please! Let's not forget Rain and SS301(SS501) even though they didn't come out in the 90s lol
@LizaNightshade omg yes Rain too~ ^^ i shall add you on tags!
Don't forget TOY, Fly To The Sky, GOD, HSGR/HotSechGodRG, S, Seo Taiji, Sechskies (theirs was a concert and not really a full blown comeback), and Kim Jang Hoon.
Agreed. Turbo has still got it not to mention Jong kook can still get it. 40 and looking Hella fine. I see you Jong Kook, I see you.