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Here are some quick fun facts about the members of Apink!


-Known as A Pink‘s country girl. -She's a 3rd degree blackbelt. -Has been practicing Hapkido for eight years, and her dads a Hapkido class director -She auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2009 along with SISTAR’s Dasom -She has a younger sister named Seunghee -She prefers wearing sneakers rather than heels


-She is said to be very boyish. -Loves to play soccer. -Has practiced Taekwondo since childhood, and is also a 3rd degree black belt. -She is very bad at preparing and packing up things for a trip. Ex: She put her toothbrush in her pocket -She has stated that she really enjoys horror films which involve scenes with “characters ate eyeballs” or “people were deskinned"


-She is known as the “Happy Virus“. -She was chosen as A Pink’s main vocalist as soon as she auditioned and only had to train for 6 months. -Her original dream was to become a vocal trainer, but switched after she made the audition. =She says that one of her hobbies is imagining music videos. -Her favorite movie is “Bruce Almighty


-She was the female lead in the MV for BEAST/B2ST‘s “Beautiful“. -YooKyung gave her the nickname “GoToNyu” because she carries sweet potato and tomatoes in her bag where ever she goes -She sang the Wonder Girls’ “Sorry Heart” for her audition. -She has stated that there is a need for A Pink to love and thank anti–fans because they help the girls grow.


-She calls herself Beyoncé -She’s good at impersonations. -Her mother, cousin, and sister are fluent in English. -She can speak better Chinese than Naeun even though Naeun’s the one who’s learning the language.


-She is very good at guessing. -She has the ability to split an apple in half by only using her hands. -Due to her mature physical appearance, many people don’t believe she is the maknae She likes to interview inanimate objects (Which is why EunJi calls her “4D”). •She is a big fan of Super Junior and her favourite member is Yesung.


-The members state that she has a very proper lifestyle -She is a big fan of BoA -She likes to play piano, violin, bake, and do sudoku puzzles -She had actually made an unofficial singing debut years ago through a children’s CD and a song called “Hae Tae Story“
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What did I miss? What are some other facts about Apink's members?