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Picture Challenge
I was challenged by @NykeaKing to attempt this snapchat filter and about me challenge. For instructions on this challenge you can go HERE to her original card.
So, I know I've done many of these in the past, but I'm doing this basic one, so who ever is curious to know how I look like, my age, where I'm from, etc.

About Me:

My name is Annahi. I'm Latina or to be exact, Mexican-American. I'm a '93 liner. I'm a Summer bby. July 6th is my birthday. & I live in California.

Tagging My Monbebe List:

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@krysuju Btw did you just start on Vingle? 😊
a year ago·Reply
@MonAnnahiX She did. She was watching a tela novela in the hospital room and saw her name on the credits
a year ago·Reply
Lmao 😂 @krysuju My mom did the same! Not sure if it was already when she was at the hospital, but she heard it from tv and liked it.
a year ago·Reply
Yeah it's pretty rare to see my name (or other versions of it) anywhere, so seeing yours here was pretty cool😁@MonAnnahiX
a year ago·Reply
@krysuju Really? I know quite a few Anahi's, but have never met one here on Vingle so it is cool to know I'm not alone 😅
a year ago·Reply