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I was challenged by @NykeaKing to attempt this snapchat filter and about me challenge. For instructions on this challenge you can go HERE to her original card.
So, I know I've done many of these in the past, but I'm doing this basic one, so who ever is curious to know how I look like, my age, where I'm from, etc.

About Me:

My name is Annahi. I'm Latina or to be exact, Mexican-American. I'm a '93 liner. I'm a Summer bby. July 6th is my birthday. & I live in California.

Tagging My Monbebe List:

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@krysuju Btw did you just start on Vingle? 馃槉
@MonAnnahiX She did. She was watching a tela novela in the hospital room and saw her name on the credits
Lmao 馃槀 @krysuju My mom did the same! Not sure if it was already when she was at the hospital, but she heard it from tv and liked it.
Yeah it's pretty rare to see my name (or other versions of it) anywhere, so seeing yours here was pretty cool馃榿@MonAnnahiX
@krysuju Really? I know quite a few Anahi's, but have never met one here on Vingle so it is cool to know I'm not alone 馃槄