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Haven't gone for your thirty minute walk yet? Well, have no fear! Go ahead and stand up and start dancing to these songs! :) Make up any sort of dance move, but make sure you're keeping up your energy!
Let's start off with a warm-up..."Let's Not Fall in Love" by Big Bang
Now let's get that blood pumping! "Boys and Girls" by Zico ft. Babylon
Continuing on with Super Junior's "Swing".
Can't forget Bangtan Boys' "Fire"!
Or Block B's "Very Good"...
And especially not Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang"...!
But keep that blood pumping for one last energy song..."Tough Cookie" by Zico ft. Don Mills
Now let's cool down with Super Junior's "Evanesce"
KPOP Workout Playlist 1: Here's the link to the Playlist on YouTube! I shall remind you guys again that you should be jumping up and down while dancing to these songs! It's only a couple of minutes! So, fighting! :)
@TaraJenner Haha, I was going to add that at some point...I love that song (>.<) And they look at me weirdly too...I think it's normal (/.\)
I always include Donghae and Eunhyuk singing "Can You Feel It?". Can't understand why people laugh and stare when I do the hand motions! ROFLOL.
@GamerKyumin they really are. which makes me want to keep moving. I've been going on hour long each time cause it finally got nice and I get sucked into the music. lol
That's a really good playlist! At the moment I have a playlist I use for my walks/jogs that's a mix of Got7/Exo/BTS/B.A.P. All upbeat songs!
@SweetDuella That's good though, haha :)
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