Mini Rant #1

Sometimes I feel so done when there are ARMY's that go into other fandoms to spread BTS. There are some ARMY's that will go to a song and say "BTS brought me here" which I have no problem in because it's giving credit to someone that brought you to a song that sounded so interesting. But then again there are those ARMY's that have to go into another fandom (EXO-L's, IGOT7's, Etc.) and mention how BTS is better. I know BTS is my top favorite group and I really love their singing but I don't spread around the hate to other fandoms saying how much their idols "suck" (Which I don't think because I love other groups I just think BTS is my #1). Like if you love BTS so much then why would you waste your time to go into another fandom and bring other fandoms down by saying how much their fandom sucks when in reality your the one bringing the ARMY fandom down with all your negative vibes smh.