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This is true. Growing up, my uncle is gay but his brothers and my dad never treated him any different. He still went out hunting with them. He hung out with them like any other man. When I was in school, I was actually friends with a boy that was always with us girls and the other boys never gave him a hard time. When ever he got stuck with the boys, they treated him like one of the guys. It wasn't until I went to school off the reservation that I heard a boy calling another boy gay. And it hurt his feelings, being called that hurt his feelings. It's mainly religion that puts emphasis on gender roles. I have had many friends who are gay, lesbian, or what have you. They live their lives like anyone else does. Even now, throughout the Native American culture, you don't hear about someone getting beat up or even killed for being gay. I think it's terrible that religion can have that kind of negative impact on people. Men and women having been sleeping together since the beginning of time. Religion did not tame the chaos, it just added to the chaos and channeled it.
i am a Christian and i want to say that its not our religion as a whole that is the problem. just certain groups of misguided "Christians" who take things way too far. it does say multiple times in the Bible that homosexuality is not pleasing in God's sight but never does Jesus say that its okay to persecute people who choose that lifestyle, treat them like pariahs, or shove our beliefs down their throats
don't mean to be rude. you can questions about religion but you can't questions or even fight with God who forbidden relationship between same gender like Sodom and Gomorrah people. just my sense. please don't blame religion and God
@ToniEliseHolden I have to disagree. They weren't wrong and they still believe today. Yes most are Christan but that don't hold them back from throwing their children out the door just because they are gay. I know plenty of Natives that are Christian, or Catholic, that don't let those white beliefs hinder their Native beliefs AND heritage. So for you to say Natives don't look at it like that anymore, is extremely wrong.
Holy cow!!! (sorry Brahma, and to the rest of you), I had *no clue* I had rambled on like that... *a thousand apologies* (or, "kiss my ass, don't read it then..." whichever you prefer... ) 😂
@lovelikematoi Yes, to be sure there is something about this place that seems to bring about fragmentation and opposition (ironically in *every single religion* & philosophy), and unfortunately 7 to 9/10ths of most followers follow paths of peaceful co-operation (or at least non-interference) with other faiths, it kind of surprises me that multi-faith organizations haven't caught on to the pattern yet; that there is obviously another organization that only exists to usurp total control from any singular faith (so they can never have 100% control over their own faith, no matter how devout) - I call them "Corruptors", but I think that term belies their focus and organizational abilities (which appears to be greater than that of the other faiths). I'd say Hinduism would be the most resistant to them, but one look @ Kashmir (& the friction between Hindus + Muslims there) shows even they are not immune. Buddhists also have a way of resisting it, but even they have a group who "attend the dark saints". From my perspective, it's all just part & parcel of providing many paths to many perspectives, and I for one, salute both sides to all religions just for making the attempt. Divine principles are not without their inversions and introspections. Duality is oftentimes the closest the mortal world should come to reaching the Divine - until it is ready. Ironically, it is in between the diaspora wherein it is decided if one is ready or not, not just their faith & devotion. Each has their role to play on this grand stage... But gender (especially for us androgyns) *always* places us on the front lines in the crossfire, for neither side will have anything to do with us (from both perspectives, "we're too dangerous" to their social controls because we always transcend them) - which is why many androgyns are drawn to the path of Shamanism, which is the root of all religions and has no form or format to "attack", other than "drug use is bad" - which is hilarious when you consider that this view comes from a macro-culture who ritualistically mass medicates... (just something to think about...) 😉
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