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Am I the only person who discovered and found out that Kpop even existed from the song Gangnam Style -PSY?? ....馃槓馃槀 the song went viral all the way to the U.S.A and I knew about it in 2012 ...but I officially got into Kpop in 2016..yes I'm a newbie 馃槳 *漏 and credit to owners
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I hate this song tbh. And for all the ppl ik in America who hate kpop but love this song are so stupid
I didn't know it was kpop when I first heard it, but after I found out about kpop and listened to the song again, I knew what it was. I don't count it as my first kpop song though since I didn't know what it was * does " what are you gonna do " face*
Same! Found Kpop with Psy, but didn't like kpop until early 2015.
i got into kpop 2011 or 2012 aroubd life has changed so much since then, any how welcome