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So Kcon New York is this Friday and I am very lucky to be going. I am going though solo as I have only two friends that like Kpop n both couldn't go. So I was wondering if any one who is goint wanted to meet and go through this crazy Kcon together. Here is a little information about me: Name: Evelyn Age: 21 Where I'm from: Born in Mexico but raised most of my life in Philadelphia. Favorite group: BTS(Bias group), Big Bang, EXO, Got7, Epik High. There is more groups i like but these are my top 5. Bias in Groups: BTS-Jimin, Big Bang-T.O.P Exo-D.O Got7-Jackson, Epik High-Tablo. I will be attending both Friday and Saturday. I will be at Section 129, Row 6, Seat 2. But I'm probably not going to be able to make it to Kcon on Friday until like around 2-4pm. I'm going to be traveling with my whole family(they want to take this opportunity to Vista New York ) and my Dad (the driver) will don't be off work till like around 1-2pm. I really want to make great Kpop friends but I really shy sometimes in actually going to meet people. But I'm a nut cast when u really get to know me. On and could some one help me understand how this whole registration thing for Kcon works I'm super confused. Also does anyone know a exactly what time the concert start? Thank You for taking the time to read this!
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hey I'm going to kcon but just the conversion!!