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I'm also a KiritoxSinon fan
season 1, BEST FUCKIN SHOW EVER, first off i feel like it was great mostly because of how the "problem" was broughy up like out of nowhere which ay first was like holy crap but then like LOL Kiritos got this shit, Kirito being the badass he is obviously gets tons of bitches on him throughout the show. I love it though how he falls for Asuna which we figure out SHE LOVED HIM FIRST (we find out in an ova i believe), i could keepbgoing on so ill say the rest, season 1 FUCKIN AMAZING, season 2... not as great but its was something, season 3... cant wait for that to come out, sword art online was my very first anime that i knew it was an anime that i have watched
Well you should definitely at the very least give it a shot. 😊
I'm reading SAO FanFiction for Sinoto
I love SAO & SAO2
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