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I think so. Does that make me a terrible person? Maybe, but I think I can live with that! Goodbye, cruel world, I'm going to Fiore! Would you?
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FIORE XD @nick2232 Same lol
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I would bring all my friends and some of my family cause I would be too lonely and feel guilty or depressed I know the pain of moving so that's why I'm bringing everything that matters this time time to make haste, To Fiore !
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hmmm if we did go to the world we want to.... would the characters know us? or they wont? if they don't we would probably turn into stalkers... they would think us stalkers for knowing so much about them but they dont even know us
2 years ago·Reply
@ynah2002 shh, you just have to be tactful about it😉
2 years ago·Reply
Bring a choice few. but bye! everyone else!
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