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You couldn’t believe you were awake. A quick glance at the glowing numbers indicated that it was just before 3 a.m. You didn’t have to be up for at least 4 hours, yet you were currently wide awake.
The dream left you in a state of disorientation. Imaginary touches still left your skin feeling heated, your thighs clenched as your inner walls tried to hold onto something that was never there. It was too vivid to not be real, and yet as you turned your head to the side and saw the even rise and fall of the sleeping body next to you, you realized it had to be a dream.
The way that you had been held down, face buried into the pillow to help muffle your screams of ecstasy, the way fingertips pressed into your waist as the ruthless pace had your insides a spasming wreck. You could remember moist heat encasing your already hardened nipples, as deft fingers found their way to your clit flicking, rubbing, pinching.
It was a debate whether or not you should wake him up. His hectic schedules left him often tired, and yet he always made time for you. Whether it be a quick phone call, or a lengthy face time session, it didn’t matter. Very rarely did Sehun not contact you within a 24 hour period. Still, he was finally getting a decent night’s sleep. Would it really be wise of you to wake him up?
As your mind wandered over the random snippets of the dream, your fingers found themselves between your thighs. You pressed down on your clit and let out a moan. You could already imagine the part of the dream where those fingers slide along your slick slit, and then slipped inside you. Curling to brush against that spot that made you see stars. Much too quickly you realized that even as you knew Sehun could desperately use the rest, your body was not about to settle for your fingers when he was right there.
You fought the urge as well as you could, but the idea of making the dream into reality won. You shuffled out of your underwear and flexed your legs underneath the covers. Then rolling to your side you shifted so that you were closer to Sehun’s body. You light grasped his arm, pulling it towards you and his entire body followed, rolling on to his back.
As you wiggled downwards you slide your hands up his legs taking in how heated his skin felt. As they continued underneath his shorts you felt his cock twitch upon contact. He wasn’t completely hard, but the fact that he was already so firm gave you an indication that this could probably work.
You slide your hands up and down his shaft, once, twice, and then you were leaning in to take him in your mouth. You had no time to be loving, or to take the time to properly appreciate how perfect he felt in your mouth, your hand stroking at his base. You needed him awake, and this was the best way you could think of to wake up.
You free hand slide up underneath his shorts as well, and somewhere in the haze of thoughts, maybe the bunching of his shorts was uncomfortable, but that wasn’t what you were focusing on. Right now, it was all about how well you could use your mouth and hand to bring him close enough to the peak, so that he’d be fully ready to fuck you back to sleep.
His cock twitched in your mouth, and a breathy moan reached your ears. Little tongue movements had him twitching even more, and soon he was fully hard and heavy in your mouth. You moaned around him, eyes blinking into darkness. With some movement, his hands found their way to the back of your head.
Your cue to pick up the pace.
You tightened the suction around his cock and sunk down enough so that he hit the back of your throat. Sehun, a master of self restraint, was obviously really tired because he bucked hard enough into your mouth. His cock burned your throat and made you gag. But, it was a sign of what you wanted, so you did it again, and again…and again.
“Fuck. Fuck. Omg” His sleepy groans were constant stimulation, and your legs moved against each other in anticipation. You couldn’t take it anymore. It was too hot, and you couldn’t breathe, the tears in your eyes made it so that if there was anyway to see in the darkened room, your vision would still be blurry.
He threw the covers back and you let him out of your mouth as you sucked in cool air. You move up while trying to contain his breathing, but as he want to reach up to pull you down for a kiss, you reached back and guided his cock upwards. In the same movement, you swung your leg around to straddle him. His little gasp of ‘oh’ was louder than your breathless moan as you sunk down onto, enjoying the full stretch of your walls. The only real indicator that your dream was definitely a dream.
Forcing yourself down onto him proved to create a bit of a burn, but as your hips rocked back and forth over him, it lessened to a pleasant warmth. Eyes closed, head tilted back, you let Sehun grasp your hips and thrust up into you before settling back down on the bed. You lifted yourself up, going up, up, up, until just his head remained snug amongst the tight ring of muscles, and then you dropped.
Sehun matched your pace, fucking upwards as you dropped down, and it ripped needy sounds from you both. You pushed away from, and his fingers tightened more into your waist making you whimper in slight pain. He dug his feet into the mattress as he flipped the two of you over. His cock slipped out, but his hand was quick to realign himself up between your legs.
He pushed in again, and you shivered as slide in so smoothly. He dug his hands underneath your body and buried his face into your neck as he brought you as close to his body as possible. It should have been hard to move, and stifling, but instead as he snapped his hips back against yours, you find yourself desperate for more.
“You like this, me fucking you hard?” Sehun’s voice tore out from him like a low growl, and you whined in response. “So fucking hot. The way you come undone like this. So needy for my cock.”
“Sehun…” You whined again, and he shifted one arm to lift your hips upwards. The slight change in angle made his thrust feel deepers, and hit harder. You gasped at the sounds your bodies made upon contact. And the squeaking of the bed springs as Sehun rocked into you harder.
“Fuck, babe, you feel so good. I’m gonna come.” Sehun groaned as his pace became more erratic.
Your body tensed him as he bit at the sweaty skin of your neck, and just like that you unravelled. The ache in your core releasing into pure pleasure. Sehun groaned once more and you felt the heat travel up into you. Your walls continued to spasm as he fucked you both through releases and you hands finally slipped off where they had found purchase on his back and shoulders.
Sehun rolled off you and the two of you just laid there as your breathing returned to normal. You were both sweaty and you could feel both of your releases dripping out of you. But at the current moment you could care. You were sated, and sleep had once again made itself known.
“Sorry.” You mumbled turning to bury your face in Sehun’s chest.
His laughter was soft, and drowsy, “Babe. You can wake me up like that anytime.”

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