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I made some! 👇👇check below 👇👇
This is the bun recipe I used
The curry I used! Directions are on the box. What I did to make the curry thick is I put the carrots, celery, onions and potatoes through my ninja blender one at a time. I've made curry buns once before and didn't do that and it was really hard to close off the buns. The thicker the curry, the easier to make the bun. Try making it! It's super easy. Let me know how it turns out!
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@danidee it's pretty subtle. But just enough. It's really good. I actually didn't know it had the apple/honey one until after I added it to the pot lol. I want to get the spicy one, but my daughters don't like spicy
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I'm kind of in the middle as far as spicy food goes. Actually, I'd imagine spicy curry shouldn't be so bad in a bun like that. The bread kind of softens the blow lol.
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@danidee That's true. My older one would probably like it, but my 1 1/2 year old doesn't like any kind of spicy. Not even pepper lol.
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nicely done
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