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만두 is the ultimate comfort food.


Dumplings stuffed with pork, kimchi, beef, or shrimp all warm and steamy and delicious *stomach growl*

You can also get 튀김만두 which is fried so that outsides are all crispy and YUM!

(twee-gim man-du)

A lot of times you can get 모든만두 which means "all mandu" and is like a sample platter of all different kinds :D

(mo-deun man-du)

If you REALLY want to be in a carb coma and be warm and happy and full, try 만두국 or 떡만두국.

It is dumpling soup which is just dumplings in yummy broth or you can add 떡 (rice cake) to it and have extra yumminess going on!
(man-du-guk OR ddeok man-du-guk)

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yeas yes
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me, me, me...when I make these at home I have to make like a hundred just to have a few to put in the freezer. my family eats them as fast as I can make them.
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ive never had Korean dumplings but my friend would always give me the chinese pork dumpling her mom made so good 👅💟💖👍👌
2 years ago·Reply
I love 떡만두국~^^
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