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On my card about Jpop yesterday, @SatinSkies mentioned a band called An Cafe and I wanted to share a few of my favorite songs by the group!

An Cafe is also known as Antic Cafe and they are a visual kei J-rock group!

They're an awesome mix of electro-dance and rock :D

Wagamama Koushinkyoku

This was the first song I ever heard by them and it STILL gets me so pumped up!

Ryusei Rocket

Cherry Saku Yuuki

My ♥ leaps for "C"

Tagging my Jpop/Jrock peeps and be sure to follow my collection for more cards like this :D

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It's Antic Cafe, not Antique, but still one of my favs!
@KaiTakashima oops fixed!!!!
Yes! Cherry Saku Yuuki is one of my favorite songs of theirs! 💕
You know, I've heard good things about them. I haven't like actually devoted myself, but I know who they are
@inuyashagal same<, i really only know about their music not the actual group but i like them!!!