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Who: ReaderxHaven't decided yet. What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 1 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Y/N's POV I was forced to sit down by his two goons. The man sitting across me with short black hair, a stare that could pierce the heart and all the attitude of an over confident King was named Byun Baekhyun. He was known as the Light King across the land but despite the pretty name he'd covered the world in darkness. There were three sections to his kingdom: the city of light, the hidden city and the dark city. Those in the city of light lived good lives; they were his favorite citizens, those in the hidden city were working to survive.; their businesses were run by those in the city of light. Then there was the dark city, people known as the scum of the earth lived here, fighting to survive. In that city lived the Rebels, which is what I was. We were filth to him that needed to be wiped out. I wasn't from the dark city though, neither was my brother, Junmyeon. No, we were from the city of light; our parents worked closely with Baekhyun and his father before they were killed. They had shown us how the previous King treated the other citizens and how Baekhyun was slowly starting to follow suit. He worked them to death, he let them kill each other, he captured those who were useless to him and watched them fight to the death with a stadium full of people. He was pure evil, I had made the mistake of once believing there was ever any good in him. It's a mistake I will never make again. I had once been in love with him but now his face disgusted me. The Light King, ha that was funny, he was the King of destruction and he only lit his kingdom when he wanted to watch it burn. Let me back track a bit to tell you how I got here. A few weeks ago my older brother was taken hostage by Baekhyun's men when we were on a mission. We were stealing weapons from them but that was only a front to mask what we were truly doing. Hacking into Baekhyun system to find out about his plans for the Kingdoms Rally. Kings from different Kingdoms would come and negotiate terms with each other but everytime it would end up with the hidden city and dark city being hit with more stipulations. He was taking advantage of us and it needed to stop especially because he was experimenting on those with powers, people like me and my brother. In the confusion of the mission and our attempt to get away, Junmyeon acted as a distraction, despite my orders, so we could flee. Since then, we've hacked and inspected most of the prisons looking for him that is until we got Intel that Junmyeon was being held at the Estate, Baekhyun's huge work facility, where they did experiments on people and also sent them out on gladiator fights. I got captured right in the middle of the mission which was basically on purpose so the guys had a way to sneak in. My powers had stopped working for sometime now; I had to stop using them for a bit and because of that they only really came out in high times of stress. Right now he had a collar on me, suppressing any ability for me to use them at will. The other rebels had powers too, all different but equally as effective when taking on his minions. Junmyeon controlled water but despite him being older than me he'd used his powers less and therefore had less control. He was more afraid and disgusted by his ability than I was. Ironically I controlled fire, how that happened I wasn't sure. When our powers were discovered, the previous King put us in his training program where I first met Baekhyun. Looking at the faces now, I'm sure his minions were in the program as well. Baekhyun was the best student and not just because his father was King, I was second, Junmyeon was third. I always felt I was better than him though. I always knew I could beat him; what I lacked in power I made up for in brains. For that, I was Baekhyun's biggest threat. He wanted me as his trusted guard ,when I refused he tried to bribe me, black mail me, threaten me every attempt he made never worked because I didn't care. I had honestly lost the ability to when my parents died. I walked out of the city of light that day and headed for the dark city with Junmyeon. We knew that he killed his father to take his place as the new King. The man I had claimed to love I obviously knew nothing about. So we found others with abilities like us and trained them, we gathered people of the dark city and created the rebellion with Junmyeon as our leader, not only was he the eldest he was the smartest. Baekhyun did not enjoy the problems we caused him. It was good to see our efforts causing him grief. I hated him. I was sitting on the chair, blood, scratches and bruises everywhere from being beaten by his men. I can't say I was too happy being back in his presence looking like this; he'd only continue to get a big head, if it was even possible for it to get any bigger. I was bleeding from the stomach, a pretty deep wound I was sure would leave me dead in half an hour or so. I was glaring at him in the most hated way possible when he said, "Hello beautiful. It seems you've gotten yourself in quite a mess." "Have I? Ladies and gentlemen let's welcome to the stage Byun Baekhyun the King of the obvious!" I said in the most sarcastic tone ever. That smug look hadn't faltered though, not that I expected it would. He was too used to my mouth and not just in the fun way although I'm sure that that's the version he preferred. "Yixing heal the wound on her stomach. I don't want her bleeding out just yet. And check to see if she's hiding anything." He said "Don't you touch me." I said roughly. I couldn't fight him off though, my hands had been tied down to the chair. Even after I said that, he remained calm and bent down hovering his hand over my wound, "Just relax." Instantly I felt a warmth on my stomach, I could feel my skin tighten. The open gash stitching itself back up a hundred times faster than it would've healed normally. Once this Yixing guy healed my stomach he started touching me. His hand slowly running up and down my thigh, around my chest, in my hair. He then kissed me his eyes open starting back in mine his tongue searching for something inside. After kissing me stood up straight looked down at me with a blank expression turned to Baekhyun and told him that there was nothing to find and then walked off without another word. "The rest of you can leave." Baekhyun said. They all hesitated to move until Baekhyun waved his hand at them. They all turned on their heel and one by one exited the room. Technically they knew it was safe to leave him in the room alone with me. For one, my powers weren't at my disposal and even if they were I'd only get to use them if I freaked out but by now Baekhyun knew me enough to know that he'd have to keep me calm. The other reason is because I was tied down and he could handle himself. His face was still smooth and pretty there was a reason I was once crazy about him. He started at me for a while and then said, "I've missed you Y/N." I scoffed through a laugh, "That's rich." "It's true, I haven't been the same since that day you walked out on me. I can't say I was too happy watching you kiss Yixing." "Well you were the one that told him to check me besides from what I've seen, nothing about you has changed. I just opened my eyes to see the bastard you truly are." I spit out words of hate. "Careful." He warned. "Why ,are you going to kill me too? Like you killed my parents." I could see his eyebrow twitch when I said that. I have to admit his poker face was good but mine was better. I smiled knowing he never truly understood why I had walked out on him. Why I had started a rebellion against him. "You think I didn't know? What other reason would I have to leave Baekhyun? I mean sure you killed your father, you put anyone who wasn't in high class through hell. You're a liar and a cheater and to top it off you kidnapped my brother. Why wouldn't I have respect for the mad King?" I said sarcastically. He looked away from me annoyed and stood up, walking around the large extended table like closing the gap between us would make things any better, "Three years and you still haven't changed, I loved you Y/N." I nodded, "Yeah and the biggest mistake I've ever made was loving you too." "You still love me." He said bending down speaking as if it were a fact. "No, any ability I had to love another human being died the day you took them from me. Where is my brother?" "Do you think you're in any position to ask questions?" he said getting in my face. He looked annoyed and I was happy about that but there was only one reason I was putting up with him for this long, I needed to find Junmyeon. The others were supposed to be looking for where they were hiding him but the signal hadn't gone off yet. I was starting to think he wasn't really here, I was beginning to believe he wasn't even alive anymore. I had to keep some hope though, he was all I had left and the closer I got to losing him the closer I got to going supernova. Trust me, that wasn't going to end well for either side. "Where is he Baekhyun?" "He's alive and well but you must think me a fool if you believe I'd tell you where he is." Well he was alive that was good news. I was staring daggers back at him but he was looking me with that look. The look he always gave me when we were together. I wanted to forget the memories that look brought back. Our bodies writhing against each other, passionate moans in the night, the crawling, hair pulling, crying each others name in the heat of it all. Damn him for those memories. I wished he'd never touched me. The way he was looking made me feel tainted. His hands were on my thighs for support as he leaned over me in the chair. He brought one hand up to the back of my chair and further leaned in. "I've been waiting for this reunion Y/N. I've been craving you for a long time." "Funny, seeing as how just the mention of your name spoils my appetite." "Stop being so damn stubborn you want me too and I can prove it." His hand slowly moved up my thigh causing a tingle to shoot up the side of my body. immediately I began to focus on how much I hated him. His hand trailed up my stomach and grabbed onto my breast squeezing lightly. I continued to glare at him without faltering. He only seemed amused, "Stop trying to resist me Y/N you know you were never good at that." he whispered. His hand trailed back down my stomach reaching for the button on my pants. As usually he skillfully unbuttoned and unzipped them with one hand. My hands gripped onto the arms of the chair I was tied to when his hand slipped past my underwear making circles on the most sensitive part. I clenched my jaw forcing myself to not make a sound. He noticed and started laughing at me while leaning into my neck and letting his breath linger next to my ear. "Stop." I said annoyed. "You want me to stop when your already like this?" He suddenly was able to push a finger inside causing me to arch my back. I tried my best to keep my voice back but the sudden motion made me gasp. "See, you want it." "I said stop." Damn it where were they, this was taking longer than I thought. He pushed another finger in while kissing my neck. Damn him, and his lips. Where the Fuck were they?! I was trying to think of a way to hurry up this process and get him the hell off of me. "Stop resisting me." he said pulling his head up. "I'm sorry was I not clear, I hate you." He seemed to wince at my words 'watch it there Baekhyun you're showing signs of weakness.' I only wished someone would come through the door, he kissed me hard. His tongue entangling with mine, by reflex I sighed into the kiss and instantly regretted it when I felt his lips form a smile. He pressed his lips into mine kissing me furiously, his hand finally coming up from my pants. I knew him well enough to know there was more to come and I couldn't bare him touching me any longer so I decided to piss him off. "You're such a sad being." "And why is that?" he said keeping his seductive tone. "Everything around you that you claim to care about gets destroyed. Your mother's dead, you killed your father, your best friend hates your guts and the only girl you ever claimed to love not only hates the sight of your face but can't wait for the moment to watch you die. When that day comes, I'm gonna be the one to end you." As I thought, my words slightly wounded him. He lunged forward grabbing my neck not yet tight enough to choke me but give me a warning. He looked me in the eyes, "You're not going to kill me Y/N much less without your powers." "Watch me." He stood up annoyed at me, he ran his hands through his hair and looked down at me, anger in his eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you Y/N?! I can give you the world-" "I don't want the fucking world." I said raising my voice. "Then what do you want?" Hatred burned from my eyes almost as hot as the flames I could produce.. I could feel it and what's more I knew he could see it, even if he was trying his best not to react to it. "I want my family back." He was about to say something when suddenly gun shots were heard outside the door. We both looked at the door and suddenly a loud boom sound made us jump as the doors broke down with flames surrounding it. One of his guards rolled in on fire himself but he was either unconscious or already dead because he wasn't moving. A few seconds later I heard my name being called, "Y/N." "Chanyeol!" I yelled out. He came through the doors but Baekhyun was standing next to me with a light ball aimed at me. He looked furious. The alarms to his building were going off. They must've found Junmyeon, now was my chance. I just needed Chanyeol to distract him long enough. "Get the hell away from her." "This really isn't a situation for you to make demands. I'll kill her." "Will you?" Chanyeol instigated. That's it Chan keep it going. Baekhyun would figure it out quickly so I had to move faster than him. I was able to dislocate my thumb allowing me to pull my hands out from the ropes. I winced in pain as I moved quickly but silently freeing myself. I had to carefully remove the ropes on my other hand which was harder to do because I couldn't really grasp well with my dislocated thumb. I could only snap it back in place when I released my other hand. That entire time Chanyeol was distracting Baekhyun till he happened to look back at me. Shit! Baekhyun slapped me making me fall to the ground, I heard Chanyeol call my name. I had looked up at them ready to fight back only to see Chanyeol throwing his fire towards Baekhyun. Baekhyun skillfully dodged the attack as only he could. Two other guards ran into the room shooting off guns towards us. Baekhyun screamed, "Kill the boy. Leave the girl for me." I had pushed the table over and me and Chanyeol were hiding behind it. I was panting, we were sitting with our back to the table. I turned to get on my knees and grabbed a nearby knife that was on the ground. "I'll take the one on the left you take the one on the right." I said. He nodded and we timed the attack together with me throwing the knife accurately enough that it hit him right in the head. Chanyeol's flame burning the other member. We came around from the table and Baekhyun was gone. He wasn't stupid though he knew we'd get out of it. Or at least he knew I would, I made my way over to the men grabbing their guns and pulling the knife out of the one I killed. "Why didn't you use your powers?" "This damned collar bound them I can't use them." I answered. He nodded, I looked around the room and outside the doors to see if anyone else was coming and if we could find some way out. When I looked back, I saw Chanyeol looking at my pants. I forgot they were unbuttoned from what he had done to me. I zipped them up again and rebuttoned my pants. "What the hell did he do to you?" "Escape now, bitch later Chanyeol; we need to get out of here fast. Where are the others?" "I don't know we got split up when I came looking for you." I cursed and we ran out together. We ran down the halls hearing footsteps from the workers scrambling around. We ran into a more henchmen and took them out without mercy; finally, Sehun, Minseok and Junmyeon had found us. "Y/N." Junmyeon said once he saw me. They were running up to us but we continued to look around in case of anymore men. "Reunion later, where are the others?" I said. "Back outside, they had to run. We can't take the way we came in." Minseok answered. I exhaled, "Then we'll make our own way out." "Let me take care of that for you." Minseok said. He reached his hand out and froze the collar and took the knife I had with me and with the butt of it he broke the collar off. "Knowing Baekhyun, it has a tracking device." I nodded then said, "Alright we need to be quick and work together. Chan we're going to melt the wall. Sehun immediately after use your wind with Minseok's frost the wall should break down enough to help us escape." They all nodded and we moved quickly breaking the wall and seeing the outside, luckily I was under enough stress I could use my power. We were up high so we'd have to jump our way down. The others moved out quickly not sparring any time. I was the last one out but I had caught sight of that guy named Yixing in the corner of my eye. He was watching me, for a second I pulled my hand back to grab my gun but I saw him look to the side nonchalantly as if I wasn't even there, as if he was telling me to just go. I couldn't bother to question his motives and I immediately jumped out following the others, jumping form roof to roof to get away. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help but wonder. 'What the hell was that about? Why did he just let me go?'
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