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Okay, no she's not BUT in one of her music videos she is!

In her video for Hands To Myself she plays an obsessed fan that breaks into her idol's house and acts as if its her own.*
*For clarification, a sasaeng fan is basically a stalker - they are over obsessed and often cause harm to their object of obsession.

I think we can all agree that it would be thrilling to wear your bias' t-shirts or smell their cologne or something, but I'm pretty sure none of us would ever go this far...

You can check out more sasaeng stories below!

Who else is super interested in Saseang fan mentality? I just want to get in their heads for a day!

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@BangtansWife95 i dont like her much either but please stay respectful for those who are fans of her
@MirandaStephens I know its not my place, but It's only her opinion. Please don't start a fuss.
@MirandaStephens I'm almost 21...gtfoh!
@BangtansWife95 @DeeNice whoa guys, this is vingle lol you dont see people coming over to BTS cards to hate! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no need to tell the other person to "get the fuck out" PEACE.