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So I got a new cellphone, which is great and wonderful, but man, if autocorrect and predictive texting isn't the absolute WORST!
Although, I will say that it was pretty funny the LAST time I had to 'train' my phone's predictive dictionary. I accidentally texted my sister with "Woo! I just got laid!" instead of "Woo! I just got paid!" and I'm pretty sure she died a little on the inside.

Does this happen to you too? What's the most ridiculous autocorrect you've accidentally sent to someone?

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Yea. Like if I'm writing a story through my phone, I have to put in all the Idol names that I usually use in my stories 馃槀馃槀
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i turned my auto correct and stuff off.
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@EmilyPeacock You write fan fiction ON YOUR PHONE? Damn girl, that takes dedication.
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@Nueoc yeah I ended up doing that too!
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