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So I got a new cellphone, which is great and wonderful, but man, if autocorrect and predictive texting isn't the absolute WORST!
Although, I will say that it was pretty funny the LAST time I had to 'train' my phone's predictive dictionary. I accidentally texted my sister with "Woo! I just got laid!" instead of "Woo! I just got paid!" and I'm pretty sure she died a little on the inside.

Does this happen to you too? What's the most ridiculous autocorrect you've accidentally sent to someone?

I wanted to tell a friend she was "adorable" and auto-correct decided "affordable" was a better word.
Honestly, if I were a hacker, *that* would be what I hacked - I have just enough syntax understanding that I could totally mess with people's spell-checkers (but I wouldn't do it individually, I'd hack the auto-update), so words like "sit"(+sh), or "flight" became "f#€k", and "come home" became "cum here"... Man... you could *really screw up* Christian families w/ this tech... 😂😂😂😂
ROFLMAO! Oh man... too many to count... (I *really* can't stand that f'n thing... I was an English tutor and used to correct papers, so I just figured it was karma)... Ummmm... funniest one...? That's a tough - there's been so many; the worst is when I'm typing real fast, hit send and then look up to see that *every single word was changed* except "I". I guess it would be the time I sent a text that was supposed to read, "Can U type it up 4 me?", and it came out, "Can U tie me up, 4pm?" (did *NOT* help that who it was sent to (as I found out from said interaction) was BDSM... 😂 *IT TOOK MONTHS* to explain, no, really! It was the auto correct!
My phone called my mom a hoe one time. That was fun! 😒 Then I was texting a crush another time and we were complaining about teachers and it turned "She seriously ticks me off!" -> "She seriously dicks me off!" I don't even know how but he found it hilarious! 😳😖👍🏻 Recently though it gotten into the habit of turning Sarah (my name) into Satan. Not wrong but WTF?! How even?! Phones are fun! *sarcasm*
Yea. Like if I'm writing a story through my phone, I have to put in all the Idol names that I usually use in my stories 😂😂
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