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UK hairstylist are so talented and wicked creative. How many people could think about wearing braids across the face? These styles are for fashion pictorials and I thought it was interesting for the hairdresser, Anna Wade to arrange them at the front face.
Some more front heavy hairstyles:

These are the set of winning artwork for Bang Styles competition.

This one has a structure of a fan with pin up details at the crown.

Pastel hair inspired with a mix of bouffant and pin-up style.

Apart from her edgy hair art, she's also a pro with wedding hairstyles.

Anna Wade is a very versatile hairdresser!
I like the middle braid split one.
i can work with the last picture, thats really pretty! the other ones are waay to edgy for me
@jazziejazz That one is intriguing and I love how she finished the braid across the forehead.
@CynthiaForeman I know it would be too edgy to wear them out on a normal day.