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i have a thing for vampires so Rosario+Vampires sisters Moka and Kokoa are my waifus for the week
Moka Akashiya is a cute innocent/scary and badass vampire girl with two personalities. her pink haired side is a sealed version with little to no vampiric powers. while her white haired self is a badass, kinda mean vampire. either one is a catch though.
her little sister Kokoa Shuzen is a firey lil red headed who only wants the attention and love of her sister (more so the white haired scary side). she is devious and has a little bat sidekick who she kinda abuses.
Wow I can't believe I forgot about them 😍
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If you read the manga you're introduced to more of Moka's sexy sisters 😈
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@tylor619cruz XD well then
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time to read
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The manga was amazing, action packed and Tskune becomes a total badass @AdrianDean
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