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OMG I am loving this one, it is just too cute for words I fan girl every episode!!
Hwang Jung-eum as Shim Bo-nui
I love Hwang Jung-Eum, everything I've seen her in I've loved. I think she is beautiful and great at love and comedy, she's good with serious dramas too, but my faves are the love and comedy.
Ryu Jun-yeol as Je Soo-ho
Can we just take a minute to appreciate this man's eyes MY GOD I could look at him all day and night...So beautiful. He is so funny in this, I have to watch the other drama he's in I think it's Reply 1988 or something anyway, he even had a small shot in The Producers which I'll re-watch anyway just because of my boy Kim Soo Hyun
Lee Soo-hyuk as Choi Geon-wook / Gary Choi
I'm familiar with this actor, so I was rooting for him, until Ryu Jun-Yeol did something that made my heart stop.
Lee Chung-ah as Han Seol-hee / Amy Han
I loved her since Flower boy Ramen Shop. She was so cute in that.
Check it out it's cute, and funny. Just finished the last two episodes of this one....And I love love love it!!! It's a good one, trust me you wont be disappointed..
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Ooh! Sounds interesting. If you don't mind, please keep me posted! I'll see if I should start this after Another Miss Oh!