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This caffe in South Korea has the best bagel selection ever!

Caffe Bene

I was telling some one the other day about this place, the bagels looked sooo good! so I finally came around and wow! first off let's talk about variety! bagel flavors include : chocolate, cranberry, blueberry, onion, matcha, and plain... what makes these soo delish? the cream cheese flavors! double chocolate chip cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, onion and chive cream cheese, cranberry almond cream cheese, double whipped cream cheese, and seafood creamcheese! the creation is your own! or choose one of the favorite like triple chocolate ( chocolate bagel with chocolate chip creamcheese )
there are also many other things you can put inside your bagel other than cream cheese!
I picked double blueberry, blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese... honestly... this tasted like a cake! I mean like in a good way! it was sooo delicious! the bagel was soft, the cream cheese was soo delectable and soft, and very sweet! I just loved it!... the price for one of these is about $3.50
so which bagel would you pair with which cream cheese? I think I would like to try the cranberry one next.. finally starting a korea tagg list, please let me know if youd like to be tagged as well =) @Isolate @AlyssaGelet818 @Tabili @DanaAmoi @EmilyPeacock @danidee @bryyyaanna @NelyLovo @parktaemi @Meeshell @AlloBaber @kpopandkimchi
😍😍😍 That looks so good. I'd more than likely get what you had, but if they have something that involves mango, I would get that πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@OhItsJas yes! sure... and I ate only half of mines because it was sooo sweet! I had a melon bubble so I could not finish it due to thirst lol
Omg. I'd eat the whole store haha. Can you add me please? 😊
@jemitza =) ok I will
add me to your list. I will be visiting Korea later this year
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