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Beast's 3rd full album 'Highlight' is set to be released 7/4 (which also happens to be Doojoon's birthday)!!!!

Not only will I be celebrating Independence Day but I get some amazing music to accompany it.
The track list has already been released showing that much of the album was produced by Junhyung's team "Good Life" and that many of the members also participated in this album. Yoseob wrote lyrics and arranged, Gikwang also wrote lyrics and so did Dongwoon. I'm personally most excited for Junhyung's solo track but Dongwoon and Yoseob also have solos while Doojoon and Gikwang team up for a duet.
If you haven't listened to it already their prologue is already out!!
Yoseob and Junhyung also "hinted" at a pre-release of 'Butterfly'. Very typical of Cube/Beast. June 27th!!! Only three more days!!! Yoseob Insta Trans - Wow. There's a new song. #0627 #ButterflyButterflyComeFlyOverHere

Literally can't contain my feels

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This looks amazing 💙💙💙
I'm so excited!