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In honor of Beast's comeback for the five days till Butterfly comes out (6/27) I will be drawing each of the members. (I will do Hyunseung on the 27th)

Take It Slow

The reference I used is the 2016 calendar @1219yongtime on Twitter made and sold. She sells beautiful calendars around December celebrating his birthday and the new year.
Our beautiful Junghyung probably worked tirelessly on it so let's appreciate it when it comes out!! B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히 Lovely B2uties; @mitchix5 @obiterdictum @SusiBosshammer @AimeeH @sherrysahar @keziahwright @lysettemartinez @missykim @choijiah @robertakm64 Please tell me if you'd like to be removed or added to the tag!
Yay! Can't wait for this! I have loved Beast for as long as I've been into kpop..one of my first groups!
@twistedPuppy I know T~T but our boys need as much support as they can get so even though I still believe in ot6 I also believe in ot5. but oh does it hurt
but but hyunseung isn't in the group!!! 😢😢😢 I can't get use it yet it's too soon for me
I love this baby girl!