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WARNING: Mild Language
You look over at her sheepishly, “It wasn’t my fault I promise!”
You poke Gil in the chest, “He found out and then opened his mouth to Ji.”
Kyungil picks up your hand and kisses your knuckles, one by one with a smirk on his face. “You’re welcome.”
You blush the color of Jak’s hair. She looks between you, “Wait, what else have I missed?”
She puts on her puppy dog pouty face, “Why am I always last to know? That’s not fair.”
You look over at her and roll your eyes,
“This is the first I’ve seen you in a week! Give me a break, I’ve been in meetings all day and you’ve been at a shoot. I can’t help it if our men are sneaky.”
You give her back an exasperated stare and the guys just laugh.
“Well, then spill! What am I the last to know?”
You suddenly grin, slightly embarrassed but excited. “I got a raise today.”
Jak’s eyes grow wide and she beams at you, high fiving you across the table.
“Yes! That’s my bestie! You show them girl!!”
“Well, that’s not all... the raise came with a promotion.”
Gil is sitting next to you beaming with pride and Ji is laughing softly at him.
“Finish! I know that’s not all…”
You look down, pull a card out of your bag and place it in front of her.
“These are my temporary cards until the real ones come.”
Jak picks it up and reads, “[YN] Project Manager, Visionary Projects Inc.”.
She looks up at you and squeals. She jumps up out of her chair and grabs you in a big hug. When she releases you, the two of you grin at each other stupidly and high five again.
When you are back sitting down she looks over at you, “I’m keeping this,” and she tucks it in her bra strap.
You laugh at her but she eyes you closer, “You aren’t done.”
You look up at her with a wicked grin.
“Ah ha! The guys don’t even know this part, what?!?”
Just at that moment the food arrives. Giant bacon cheeseburgers with extra fries, she even ordered a side of bbq sauce and mayonnaise to make her own dipping sauce. She digs into her fries, pulling one out and pointing it at you.
You clear your throat, “Well…the promotion came with a raise but also an apartment.”
Food around the table pauses in the air as three pairs of eyes stare you down.
Jak swallows, “Are you serious?”
You nod, “How would you feel about renting out your place? No use selling it in case I flop as a PM and we need somewhere to live again. But this place has two bedrooms…bedrooms.”
You look over at Gil and see the sparkle in his eyes.
“That’s what you meant by I would get what I wanted?”
You bite your lip with a smile and nod. He takes a big bite of his burger, grinning like an idiot. Jak sighs as she looks between the two of you.
“Missing something again…why do I feel like I haven’t talked to you in a month?”
You shrug, “Because we both have demanding jobs and equally demanding men. We should totally require girl time though.”
You look over at Jiyong, surprised there wasn’t a come back to being called a demanding man. He just raises an eyebrow, “What? I know I’m demanding.”
Jak laughs and leans over to kiss him on the cheek. “Within reason, it’s a mutual insistence.”
She grabs her burger and before she takes a bite she demands you continue.
“We wanted to talk to you guys and this came up, so I guess it needs to be now. Gil and I discussed moving in together. We don’t want to leave Jak living alone again, so we were going to look for a place with two bedrooms…now we don’t have to.”
You take a drink and pop a few fries in your mouth before you go on.
“You spend most of your time at Ji’s; we figured when you aren’t with him you would be with us in your room. So, what do you guys think?”
Jak looks a little uncomfortable, “Um. When are you moving?”
You look at her closer and can tell that it isn’t something she and Jiyong have discussed and it isn’t something she wants to bring up first. Crap. You wish there’d been time to talk to her first, before all this happened.
Ji seems unaffected, he simply nods, “That would be great. I worry about her when I’m out of town.”
She puts her food back down on her plate and just kind of pushes her fries around. You grab your bag, “I need to use the ladies room. Jak, come with me?”
She looks up at you with relief, “Sure.”
She throws a stunning smile at the boys and gets up to follow you down the hallway.
The minute you hit the ladies room, you check under the stalls to make sure no one else is with you two.
“God Jak, I’m so sorry! Gil thought since you guys were promised that Ji would automatically move you in with him. How do I fix it? What can I do?”
She just shakes her head. “No, it’s all good. In a sense I kind of already live there but just not officially. I’m really excited for you! I just don’t want Jiyong to think I’m pushing him into anything you know?”
She slides down the wall and curls up on the floor, head on her knees.
“Ugh I feel sick. Shit, this has thrown me into a panic attack. How do I explain that?”
You crouch down in front of her, “Just breathe. It’ll be okay. I don’t have to take the apartment yet. Or I can take it and we can keep your place. When you are going to be home, I’ll be there with you. Gil will understand; I’ll make him.”
You’re trying to rub her back but knowing she doesn’t like to be touched, is making it awkward.
You sit down next to her and just offer her support. After a few minutes, Jak leans over and puts her head on your shoulder. A soft knock comes to the bathroom door, and she sits up straight.
“Shit, its Ji.” You look at her like she’s crazy.
“How could you know that? It could just be someone that heard us and wants to know if they can use the restroom. I'll prove it to you.”
As you stand up, there is another knock and you hear Jiyong’s voice through the door, “Ladies?”
Jak looks at you pointedly; and you stare over at the door. “Shit.”
You walk over to answer it and find him standing on the other side with his hands in his pockets. He looks up at you and nods, “Is there anyone else in there?”
You shake your head as he walks past you and over to crouch in front of Jak.
“I’ll see you back at the table,” you mutter but realize that neither one is paying any attention to you.
The boys are so sweet! But now GD needs to fix it since he should've maybe brought this up first.
well shit....Ji step up, ask your dang girl to move in already. You can't rely on her friend to keep a watch on her. I still love this though!
this is the Kyung IL story...I haven't done a G dragon one.
hmmmm. oh man i cant wait to find out what happens. but believing in Ji & Gil that it will work out no matter what.
is there a story on Ji and Gil? I would love to read that too.