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Welcome to the Fall In Love with Romeo project!

First off, join the Romeo community on Vingle here!
Check out Vingle's resident Romeo Guardian Angel, @EwSeungkwan's collection of Romeo goodness here!

Onto the project!

Here's the schedule:

23rd - Reasons to Love Romeo Day + Intro
24th - Find Your Bias Day!
25th - Romeo MV Appreciation Day
26th - Let's Listen to Romeo Day
27th - Romeo Selca Spam Day
28th - Juliet Day!
Each day I'll make a card about the specific theme of the day and how to participate, but basically I just want more people to get to know Romeo and love them a lot!
I'm also very new to the fandom so don't feel weird if you've never heard of them before. Let's fall in love with them together!

Please comment below if you're interested and would like to be tagged or participate in the event (more details to follow!)

@kpopandkimchi yay a fellow Juliet!!
Yeass of course!
@kpopandkimchi I'M SO SORRY! OH MY GOD.
@MichelleIbarra LOL I WILL RAGE YOU
Rage me!
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