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He's one of the Hong Kong actors that broke into the China market and became one of the most sought out actors today. I've been watching his dramas since the late 90s and I would have to say he's the first person that got me into Mainland and Taiwanese dramas.


ONE // He's 41! Yeah, I can't believe it either. (picture above: Now and then).
TWO // His industry nickname: Little sunshine (小太陽) because of his bright smile.
THREE // He actually started out as a singer. His famous hit Orea. I always confuse the word with Oreo.
FOUR // One of his popular drama is "Best Time" with Janine Chang.

Who's your current taiwanese actor crush?

You can make a card or comment below! :D
@biancadanica98 have you seen ko one with all of Fahrenheit in it?
@cindystran I'd be freaking out too!
@biancadanica98 He's my sister's bias from Fahrenheit. lol. I heard he's going to UCLA to study theater for one quarter. She's freaking out since she works nearby.
Aaron Yan has always been my Taiwanese crush since I saw him in Just You! I'm currently working him in Refresh Man, he's so cute and a lovable person 💜
@raenel No I havent