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Here's a little insight into the members of Romeo :D

If you already have a Romeo bias, make a card about them and why they're so rad!

Seunghwan (승환)

Position: Leader, Rapper
Birthday: December 10, 1994
Papa Seunghwan, wanted to be a math teacher, still sort of wants to be a teacher, hates scary movies, loves CHICKEN.
Seunghwan's ideal type is a girl who looks pure and is a "good wife" kind of girl.

Yunsung (윤성)

Position: Vocal
Birthday: March 19, 1996
Laughs at everything, literally is never not smiling. Probably blushing 90% of the time. He's known as the mood lifter of the group. He is also official bug-killer in the house cause everyone else is scared of bugs -___-
Yunsung's ideal type is a person who can eat well, who is cute, pure, wise, and intelligent.

Milo (마일로)

(pronounced my-low)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: August 20, 1996
Short (Kyle makes sure he never forgets it), dancing pretty much always, members say he's the "group’s princess, mother & happy virus."
Milo's type a cute girl, who is really nice and is short. "Unconditionally, she has to be shorter than me."

Minsung (민성)

Position: Vocal
Birthday: December 24, 1996
Known to be quieter on broadcasts and a lot noisier in the dorm. He was going to be a dentist but realized he was bad at studying. He sleeps with his mouth open.
Minsung's ideal type is a girl who is a good eater. AYYYY!

Kyle (카일)

Position: Vocal
Birthday: January 15, 1997
Aka Satan Kyle. He's a troublemaker and teases his other members HARDCORE. He's a little ball of energy. He wanted to be a police officer when he was younger. He often bites his other members.
Kyle's ideal type is a cute, thoughtful girl who has sense, who is also sharp.

Hyunkyung (현경)

Position: Vocal
Birthday: September 5, 1998
Too pretty to be real. He has trouble gaining weight so he is constantly eating. Likes to exercise to chill out. Also likes to look at himself in the mirror.
Hyunkyung's ideal type is girl that only has eyes for him, and he doesn't really care about looks.

Kangmin (강민)

Position: Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: September 5, 1999
The maknae! Used to lack confidence so other members didn't think he'd ever debut. Is still shy but constantly on the verge of a giggle fit. Probably up to no good 90% of the time.
Kangmin's ideal type is a person like him! Someone cute, good-looking, everything matching him, who is cute and pretty.

Yunsung and Minsung got me like klsadjfa;lkfj

Who in Romeo is catching your eye?!

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can I be tagged please.
can we not talk about minsun g o m g
KANGMIN IS SUCH A CUTIE PIE BUt then thERES kyLE AN DMILO And yunsung too and hyuNKYUng but wait alsO SEUNGHWa n and please stop these boys
@otakukpoper that's pretty cool haha cx
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