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Mature language its kind of long i'm sorry i'll try to make them smaller next time ^_^ missed any chapters i got you ^_^ chapter 1 chapter 2
Y/N POV “Well Mrs. Y/N I'm happy to tell you that you are pregnant congratulations. You need to take some time off work when the time requires but other than that you need to come regularly for checkup ok. And please take care of yourself I’ll see you in 2 weeks.” I left the clinic and didn’t hesitate to call him “Yah you finally answer my calls I’ve been calling none stop” he said kind of mad “I know I saw your calls listen we need to talk” “Why, what’s wrong are you ok?” he asked “Oh ummm yeah I'm ok listen so I came to the doctor and guess what” “What are you ok what did she tell you” “I…Um …..I’m ...” “You’re what tell me before…….” “I'm pregnant” “What…?” “just meet me at the coffee shop in front of my office I'm on my way there I’ll be there in 5 but I’ll wait for you there ok hurry” After I hung up the phone I was on my way to the coffee shop. When I got there I was shock to Jin there and to top to all off she was there. JIN POV After Y/N left me I tried looking for her but had no luck. She hasn’t come back from her vacations. It’s been 3 weeks since I last saw her and its killing me not know where she is I need to see her, talk to her, I need to feel her and have her here with me and not let her go. I went back to her office today and the lady at the desk told me that she asked for another week because she hasn’t been feeling good. Its killing me not know how she’s doing I need to find her and fix this. But I'm not sure if she wants too. “Was she really hurt by everything I did? Did she really love me?” I thought to my self I went to the coffee shop in front of her office she really love being there so I thought that maybe going there will make me feel like she’s there with me. As I was going into the shop I saw Jessie Y/N’s cousin. She was the one that told me that Y/N was cheating on me with Yoongi one her co-worker’s. I was ordering an ice-Americano when I felt a tap on my shoulder “Hey Jin….how you’ve been?” Jessie asked rubbing my arm up & down “oh…hey.. I'm doing good” I said taking her arm away from me “what are you doing here I thought you moved to the states….why are you back?” I asked “I missed you” she said getting closer to me “I can’t forget what we did that night and to be honest I don’t want to forget it…….can…we relive that night?” she asked now pressed against me “so… should I take the silent as a yes?” “I…. I….” I was about to answer her ‘no’ when the doorbell rang that someone had come in something inside me told me to look at the door some odd reason so I did. Froze when I saw it was Y/N I was so happy that I finally got to see her after 3 weeks I was about to run to her when I realize that Jessie had me I her arms. I turned to look at her and back Y/N but I notice she was stating to cry I tried to pull out of Jessie’s arms but I couldn’t I look back at Y/N but she was gone “Jessie let me go I need to talk to Y/N” “No why do you want to run after her you can just see her at your house later” she said made “No I can’t because……because she left me and I need to fix things with her even if she cheated on me’ I said “She…. Left…so I can have you for myself and not share what’s mind with anyone?” she said losing her grip “I’m not yours so let me go already!!!!” I said now very made “I need to go. And what we did that night was a big mistake. I was so angry Y/N cheated so I wanted to get back on her. And you just happened to be there that night. Sorry I used but it meant nothing for me and it and should mean the same for you. I hope you find someone that can love you. Because my heart already belongs to Y/N and I want her back so nothing do can change that” I was staring to walk away from her when I heard her say something that I froze “What!!!!!!! What did you just say” I asked her pulling her closer to me “no I'm not repeating myself…oww Jin your hurting me let me go” she said “no I'm not letting you go until you repeat what you just said” my grip tighten on her arms “ok just let me go please” “no!! not until you tell me what you just said” “ok but I did what I did because I love you and she had taken you away from me” “cut the bullshit and tell” I said now really angry “she…umm….Y/N didn’t cheat on you she never did because ……she loved you” said Jessie “she even convice her parents on letting her marry you. But her dad opposed it until…she…” “until what?!! What did she do so should marry me” “If she were to marry you her dad made her promise that she wouldn’t she herself to him until she had proof that you both were in love and the proof was for her to bring him your child so until then she was a dead daughter for him” And you knew and still lied to me about her cheating. How could you do this to her she’s your family! Why would you do that to her why?” “Why?!!! Because she has loving parents a good job and because….she had you by her side she took you away from me. And I hated her for that because you belong with me not her because you don’t love her. And now that she let you go we can be together” “you’re wrong I do lover her I always did but I was too stupid to realize it on time. But now that I know the truth I want to fight…. no I will fight for her love until I die. Bye Jessie I hope I don’t ever see you again” And with that I left and went after Y/N I ran until I saw her sitting on a bench cying on the phone with someone as I was getting closer I her say “Can you please hurry I don’t to be here please jimin hurry up I don’t want to see him not now not ever” Y/N POV I ran out of the coffee shop and kept on running until I found myself sitting a bench crying. I called jimin to tell him I was no longer at the coffee shop “hey sorry I'm late but I'm almost there. Oh and Yoongi wants to know if you would like to both with us to busan he got transfer that and he wants to know if you would like to move and work there with us. Soo what do you say….*sniff* Y/N are you..crying what happen? Are you ok?” “I saw him, I saw Jin and he was hugging Jessie he really doesn’t love me he never did” I said crying even more now “Where are you? Are you still at the coffee shop I'm almost there?” “ no I ran from there I'm at a park right now Can you please hurry I don’t to be here please jimin hurry up I don’t want to see him not now not ever. Especially now that I'm.….” when I was about to tell jimin about my pregnancy I her my name being called “Y…. Y/N” I turn to see Jin standing behind me had he heard everything I talked with jimin “Where have you‘ve been. I’ve been looking for you…we need to talk please. Y/N… I fucked up big time we need to talk about us” “No we don’t I'm doing what you always wanted. I'm letting you free so there’s nothing to talk about. Especially not about us I signed the divorce papers so we’re total strangers now we had nothing that connects us anymore” I lied me being pregnant was more than enough for us to be together but I wasn’t going to tell him that (JIN (COVER) I LOVE YOU (난 너를 사랑해) by Mate start to play on the background it on top with the picture) “I hope you find someone that can make you happy. And don’t worry I’ll try my best to not cross paths with you ever again. Good bye Kim Seok Jin” And with that I tuned on my heels and started to walk away from him. I heard him calling me. But I knew that if I turn and look at him I wouldn’t be able to leave him and I would become more selfish for his love. I kept on walking until I felt arms around me. He was hugging me “J….Jin what are you doing let me go please” “You said what you had to say. Now it’s my turn and you have to listen to me even if you don’t want to” said Jin with his head on my shoulder Why are you doing this to me you’re making me fall deeper in love with you. But I don’t want to end up getting more hurt than how I already am so please let me go I thought to myself. “Y/N please stay with me” Jin whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine “I know I fucked up big time but I promise to make you happy so can you please stay with me” “I'm sorry but it’s too late for us and you don’t have to act like this. I know you’re worried about both company’s partnership but don’t worry you did put up with me for 3 years and that was the deal so you don’t have push yourself for this I won’t make my dad do anything that can harm you in any way” I felt Jin losing his arms around me and I took the chance to get free from them it took everything I had to do that because I’ve always wanted to be held like that by him. I saw jimin running towards me and I turn to look at Jin but all I saw was sadness in his eyes. He was about to say something but was cut off by jimin “hey babe I'm sorry I'm late” jimin said hugging me “ready to go or do you need more time to chat with your friend?” “uh..oh no he.. was just asking for directions but I don’t know where the place is. But he has someone coming for him so we can go” I said hinting jimin with my eyes “oh really then we should get going my mom is waiting for us at the house we should go” jimin said he got the hints because his mom lives in busan “Ok jut me get my stuff and we’ll leave” I said. Jimin stated to walk away and as I was graving my thing Jin graved my hand to get my attention “Why did you lie to him? Why didn’t you tell him that I'm your husband?” “Correction ex-husband Jin because we’re divorce remember! And…. Because he’s my…..” “He’s your what Y/N” “He’s my fiancé” I lied “I'm getting married with jimin happy now so let me go” “y..yo.. You’re lying write? Please tell me you are, you love me Y/N you love me and no one else” I looked at him shocked because he looked like he was going to cry “I did loved you but you managed to kill it and now I have someone that loves and cares for me Jin I'm happy” I lied again “I have to go by Jin I hope you find the love that I couldn’t give you” I started to walk away and I heard him say something but I couldn’t make the out what he had said JIN POV “I did loved you but you managed to kill it and now I have someone that loves and cares for me Jin I'm happy” I lied again “I have to go by Jin I hope you find the love that I couldn’t give you” My heart broke into millions of pieces. All I could do was watching her walk away from my life it hurt more than what I had imagine it would. Tears stared to come out. I hated that I was such a jerk to her and now that I want here with me she has moved on and I never had the chance to tell her I felt about her how she made me feel. She started to walk away from me I tried to move and hold on to her but my body wouldn’t listened to me all I could do was cry and whisper the words that I was to scare to cream “I love you Y/N and always will please come back to me I’ll be waiting even after I die and come back again I’ll be waiting and loving you. Because you’re my everything I love you” was all I could say but she had been long gone for her to hear my true feeling for her To be continued<<<<<<<<<
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