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Shokugeki no Soma Food IRL!

Since I plan to watch all of season 1 of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) before the second comes out in a week or two, I was doing some searching about the show.

And I found these awesome recipes of food from the show!!! Here's the apple risotto~~

"GOTCHA" Pork Roast! / Nanchatte Pork Roast!

And lastly, Chaliapin Steak DON

I'm going to try making these at some point 😆😆
Can't wait for s2 to come out. I'm caught up in the manga, but I would love to see him in action in the anime because it's a different experience compared to just seeing it in the manga
these look awesome..... and you should most definitely catch up with the series before the second season comes out. you won't regret it.
I made the gotcha pork roast and the Chaplin steak :D the potatoes for the roast were either too soggy so the roast didn't really take shape that or the thing was too big and the bacon didn't wrap around it completely, but the Chaplin steak was so delicious and tender 😋 would you upload more videos if they have? 😀
hey animelove300 sorry i have not uploaded the rest of the videos but heres is the link you could subscribe to them they have all the recipes you would love to try out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnBc26doImw&index=5&list=PLf_mDAfG3WS3b5QntAqmXeKeiB8DaicV-
@hikaymm hurry up! And don't worry, it'll go faster than you expect it to be XD
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