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Since I plan to watch all of season 1 of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) before the second comes out in a week or two, I was doing some searching about the show.

And I found these awesome recipes of food from the show!!! Here's the apple risotto~~

"GOTCHA" Pork Roast! / Nanchatte Pork Roast!

And lastly, Chaliapin Steak DON

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@hikaymm Seems that your response to that Why anime? info-article I made on Shokugeki earlier really has some...enthusiasm XD Really looking forward to S2, and since I've read the manga...it's gonna be reaaaally good XD
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@AnimeLove300 Sure!!! That's all they have for now but if i see more i'll up load them ^-^
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@VoidX I take your recommendations very seriously!!! lol!! I have to watch s1 still thought ;_;
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@hikaymm hurry up! And don't worry, it'll go faster than you expect it to be XD
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the apple risotto tastes wierd to me. I made it once...
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