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Hello Melodies!

So I scoured the internet for fan theories on the L.U.V MV, but came up mostly empty handed despite many rumors that theories existed.

The one thing I came across in my searching was a Youtube video that had fan theories in Korean subs. After watching and understanding very little due to my limited Korean, I read the comments. Most were in Hangul and therefore were not helpful, but I did find one partial comment in English that was pretty fascinating. After continued searching, I came back to the video and messaged the creator to ask if they could add an English translation to the description box.

After several days of waiting patiently, I arrived home tonight to a message saying they not only translated it for me, but they added English subs to the video itself!!! YAY!!! Thank you wonderful Melody for helping us International fans out!

The theories in the video were put together based off of fan theories discussed between Korean and Japanese fans, on multiple platforms including Twitter, Tumbler and fan cafes. There is a lot of symbolism from Japanese culture and traditions which has been interpreted for those of us who may not be familiar. Some of the subs move quickly so you may want to be ready to pause the video or watch multiple times to get the full effect.

Without further ado, here is the BTOB L.U.V MV Fan theory video!

This theory makes a lot of sense to me... What do you think? Do you agree, disagree? Do you have your own theory or have come across a different one? Let's discuss.

Quick shout out to the kind Melody who took the time to sub this video for both Korean and International fans. THANK YOU!!!

Are you a BTOB fan? Let me know and I'll tag you in future BTOB posts. PLEASE TAG ME IN ANY BTOB CARDS YOU POST! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM!!!
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@LemonLassie I KNOW! It's pretty detailed, covering a few things I didn't even catch on to. This may only get seen by a few people, but there's no way I wasn't going to post it. I'm really grateful to this Youtuber for doing this and going the extra mile to sub it too!
THE BEETLE!!!! THE BEETLE IS EXPLAINED!!!! Wow, this makes so much sense now. I'm happy they responded to you and that you posted this