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Karen Araragi
Suou Pavlichenko
Levy Mcgarden
Misaka Mikoto
of course I don't plan on doing them all at once. I chose them because they would be relatively easy to do and I could make the outfit my self with little cost. However I do love roles these characters play.
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I might do them both for ikkicon.
@NinjaMouse Okay cool! ☺
@Alcides13 haha, sorry. I misread what you said. the first one is from the monogatari series. each season has a slightly different name though. the first one is called Bakemonogatari. the second season is where Karen plays a bigger role though, that one is called Nisemonogatari. I haven't seen past season 2 though.
@NinjaMouse Ohhh okay awesome! I'll definitely check it out 😋
So cool