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Taiwanese drama has been long known for their romantic comedy storylines. Lately, "career-focused" themes are emerging and it shows that TV producers are trying to break the rom-com norm by introducing new themes. However, TV stations are hesitant to take dramas that are not romance genre.
It's understandable because rom-com secure ratings, despite the numbers are dropping over the years. The big guys from the broadcasting stations are afraid mellow drama might trigger negative response from local viewers. In addition, not many directors and screenwriter are willing to spend time researching, writing tedious screens and directing such themes.
Do you think Taiwanese drama should invest in more alternative drama or stick with romantic comedy? What's your preference?
@JamiMilsap @petname83 @biancadanica98 You all have good points. T-dramas and rom-com has always been an inseparable pair for me, but I don't mind if action is added. Actually, i just discovered a funeral worker theme drama (Long Day's Journey into Light) and I kind of like the direction. Will my first impression of it very soon.
@AlyssaGelet818 @cindystran I agree with most both of you. My favorite genre has always been Rom coms but if they added different genres into it like action. I'd be down to watch or even thrillers. Those are always fun to watch!
I am a rom com fanatic, but I like something different every now and then. like forensic crime, mob, etc
I think if they would take the time to branch out it would not be a bad thing for them. Since their ratings are falling maybe it means their audience is looking for a change of pace as well. Romance and family are always good themes, but if it's always comedy and the same basic formula it can get boring. I agree with @AlyssaGelet818, they could use romance but venture out into other genres.
@AlyssaGelet818 That's very thoughtful. I do agree they should keep some essence of romance and branch out with other themes. I think the current trend with Taiwanese drama focused heavily on the love life and family life. If they could balance it out that would be ideal!
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