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Earlier this week, Romeo dropped their 4th MV which is such a jam.

Here's a round up of their past videos plus their latest comeback!

Lovesick (2015, Debut)

The chorus is my faaaaav (starts at 0:48) and the dance is rad!

Target (2015)

The chorus starts at 1:28 and is soooo00o0o0o addictive.

Nightmare (2016)

Props to them filming this in a typhoon or something, plus the choreo is so fun!

Miro (2016)

Personally I think this is their catchiest song yet and I LOVE the choreo. Why is Minho there though LOL?

Which video is your favorite?

Which video was the first one you saw?

Mine was Target :3
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I don't have a favorite honestly. I love them all😍😍😍
I love all they are so good!!
Nightmare is my favorite one. It's really catchy and fun to dance to 😊
Target and Miro are my faves so far! But they're debut song and Nightmare are pretty legit too! I love them so much right now they are so cute and talented! Ugh. @JarviaKlipka, why'd you let me get back into this crazy KPOP world?! πŸ˜‚
@sweetnothing34 i agree with you on that point
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