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Hello everyone!

We are leaving for KCON NY tonight and we are so excited!!
I have decided to vlog the trip for you guys and take LOTS of pictures and videos that will be up after KCON is over!

This is me!

This is my roommate Tiffany!

Also known as @Tipmon!

This is my good friend Helen!

Also known as @sculptedintoart!

And then this is my friend Alexis!

She is only driving us to the airport tonight but I still wanted to introduce her to you guys!^^

I hope to see some of you there!! XD

If not, I will make sure to make it seem like you guys were there!
I am definitely not the best at vlogging but we will do our best! (It will be interesting to watch...for sure LOL)
Love you fam and see you here soon! :3
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so excited!!! hooe to see you there
a year agoReply
Have funnnnnnn!!!!! 馃槏馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏
a year agoReply
Safe travels ladies!!
a year agoReply
@LunaCordero @mszmarclyne93 @frisky199123 @NasiaWright @JamiMilsap @ScarletMermaid @matty0203 Thanks guys!! We will be safe and the first night was...AMAZING. I have a crap ton of videos lol. WOOO. I am going to be making like 50 videos at this point...my heavens @Elena166 @AlittleJoy I hope to see you guys too! I am bad at recognizing people so if you see us, come say hi! 馃槃
a year agoReply
Damn I love tip mon already 馃槈
a year agoReply