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Hi! I used to be active on here a long time ago, but after losing my password, getting distracted with life, and so on....I just kind of forgot about this site I guess :)
Anyways, I'll be trying to get on more now. But I'm just wondering if anyone is still around to talk about what they're reading, what they've read, and about movies, too!
And about Harry Potter..................always.

And if we haven't met before, hello!

What books are you into?
What's your name?
What else do you like?
I'm Scarlet.
I love books, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, general nerd-dom, video games & writing!
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@deilig Cool! I'll try to find it based on that info haha. Thanks!
Hallo... I'm shelly. I love reading fantasy and historical romance, and oh, arranged or forced romance always catches me! . 馃槀 i also love colossal movies, and i'm a candy crusher! 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@timeturnerjones hallo... We do have similar taste in those books 馃槀 do you have any recommended books?
@shellyanggraeni Hi!!! Sounds like we do have similar taste :) Hmm...what are someo fyour favorite books? I'm not good at giving recs just by genre, but by similarities :P
What's up guys and girls, I'm Brendan, and I love a good book. Fantasy, fiction, non-fiction sometimes, sci-fi a little, mystery, and many more! Some of my favorites are LoTR, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice, Brotherband Chronicles, I still like the magic treehouse occasionally, the Farsala Trilogy, The inheritance cycle (eragon, eldest, etc) was one of my absolute favorites, ah the list could go on. Some other things I like? Anime, video games, and sometimes I entertain myself by writing. Basically anything that has a good story I enjoy. ^_^