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People spend a whole lot of money on their pets.

The pet industry is a cash cow, and it seems that many cat and dog owners are always looking for a new and interesting way to spoil their beloved fur babies.
So it should really be no surprise that a business like Taiwan's Igogo exists - a pet grooming parlor that turns Fluffy and Fido's fur into works of contemporary art.

Check out these styles:

The Teddy Bear

According to the salon's trained groomers, the Teddy Bear design is the most laborious of all their commonly offered styles - taking up to 3 hours to complete!

The Lion Head

Because nothing roars regality quite like having the King of the Jungle on your dog's shaved butt, right?

Hello Kitty

There's no Hello Kitty that's more kawaii than one on the back of a fluffy, white dog.

The Pawprint

I can't even write a proper description for this one because there's a stinkin' cute long-haired dachshund staring at me. I'm weak.

The Stegosaurus

Not only does the style keep your cat comfortable during summer months, but the 'plates' on his back will erect every time he gets mad. (WHY DON'T CATS LOOK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME???)
The salon first opened in September of last year, and has enjoyed a fair amount of regulars, many of which traveling well out of their way to get their pet one of these stunning designs.
The price of the styles begin at roughly $20 USD and is determined based on breed and complexity of design. With that being said:

Would you buy one of these styles for your pet? Which one do you think would look best?

Let me know in the comments below!
All I can think of is those poor animals...all the hours of grooming to suffer through just to be teased and laughed at by the other cats & dogs!馃樄馃樄馃樄馃樄
We shave Buddy for his comfort and to raise money... but nothing elaborate. How do they get the cats to stay still that long.
I'd get the Stegosaurus for my cat, but only that one time 馃槀馃槀
@JamiMilsap I know! If I were that Hello Kitty poodle, I'd never show my face at the dog park again!
@DennieySnyder That's a million dollar question! lol
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