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Hi army~ I haven't updated sorry :c but anyways here's the update!! Hope you enjoy :3 Pairing: Jimin x Reader Words length: 2,023
Jimin's P.O.V "Come on Tae I don't have time for one of your jokes again.'' "Tae?" "Jiminie? I'm sorry about that I thought you were Tae for a moment." "It's okay but what joke?" "Oh uhm it's nothing important." "If you say so but anyways how's the search going for Ace?" "Not so good. I think I looked to hard that I don't even know where I am anymore. I may or may not have gotten lost." "Who's the idiot now?" I say mocking her for what she did earlier. "Shut it. It just happened." "Idiot. Idiot. Idiot." "If you don't shut up I'll make sure to kill you in your sleep." "I wonder if you'll make it just in time for night. Considering that you're lost." "Shit!" After a good 20 seconds she hadn't respond ."(y/n) you there? hello? are messing with me? (y/n) stop playing around. I'm not joking." Taehyung's P.O.V I did it again. Geez when it comes to (y/n) I don't know how to feel or what to say to when it comes to her. The reason I called her I don't even know myself. Weird I know. But I just really wanted to hear her voice. I may not have known her for a long time like Jimin but I've known her long enough to know I have feelings for her. Of course I've never showed any sign or told anyone, I'd like to keep this to myself. When the time is right I'll tell her, I just hope I can muster up the courage in time. You never know maybe someone else has feelings for her and I'll end up regretting it if I don't tell her in time. Somehow I get the feeling she won't reject me. I just don't feel it, I know it. I'm confident. Hoseok's P.O.V "Ace! Come here boy! Hello!" I swept my arm across my forehead clearing the small amount of sweat that has been forming. I've been searching long enough to the point where I'm exhausted and still no sigh of him. I'm really worried now. I was before but not as much as now. I've also not received any calls from (y/n) and Jiminie. I know they're okay but still something doesn't feel right. Maybe I'm just overreacting a bit. Maybe they are too busy looking for Ace and they're not even calling because they're to concentrated. I should call one of them just in case. Pulling out my phone I search for Jiminie's number. Once spotted, I dial it. Not wanting to waste time I make my way back to where we split up while holding the phone near my ear. No answer. I try again and this time he responds. "Jimin-ah." I say cutely. "Hoseok (y/n) is in trouble. We need to find her." Did I hear right or are my ears clogged? "What do you mean?" "Look I'm actually making my way back to where we started. You should too." "Beat you to it. Almost there." "Great. Next we should both make our way to where (y/n) headed." "Ai-ai sir!" With that Jimin hung up. I picked up my pace and hopefully in atleast 9 minutes I'll be back there. (Y/N) P.O.V You know what maybe I should go back to where I fell. I feel like the further I go the more lost I get. This wouldn't have happened if Hoseok didn't lose his dog! But when I think I think about it more I'm partly responsible. I mean what kind of idiot gets lost looking for a dog? Me! And this is why you should never allow me to go outside. I'm not much of an outside person. Unless! It autumn! It's my favorite season. Summer is just too hot and I absolutely can't stand hot weather. Last time I was in hot weather I almost passed out. Luckily the guys were with me. If it weren't for them I most likely wouldn't have been outside right this moment. Anyways like I was saying before I got off track, I'm going back. That's if I remember my way back a bit. Now which turn do it make? Left or right? How about.. Right! Running into another left or right situation I choose the opposite this time. Once again walking into a left or right I choose left again. Am I in some maze or some shit? It doesn't even look like I've changed my location! This is pissing me off, I'm literally about to lose it. This is the last time I go outside! I'm too tired so I'll be sitting down thank you very much. I extend my legs and take a look at my knee. The blood is now dry but it still burns, I feel like a freaking 10 year old. On a chase for a dog that by the way isn't mine still offerring help, getting lost midway, tripping, losing my phone, walking further, then stopping eventually to cry. Though I haven't cried yet. Should I do that? I mean it's the only thing left on the list to do. So why not? Taking off my hoodie I fold it making it into a pillow, after doing so I leaned against a wall, and placed the pillow hoodie on my neck. * * * "Hello? Young lady are you awake? She must be in some deep sleep." "Can you keep it down, can't you see I'm trying to sleep here." I mumble, loud enough to be heard. "Did you hear her?" I few giggles here and there. I scrunched my face, sat up, eyes still closed and spoke the words, "I said I'm trying to sleep so if you could please keep it down that'd be great." "Bring the water." A man's voice spoke. The next thing you know I was drenched in a cold substance. Making me dart up from where I was apparently laying. I shot my eyes open, noticing two male police officers standing right before me. I felt my face and chest get cold as a small breeze makes its way towards me. "Fully awake now?" I glare at them both as I can see them trying to hold in their laughter. These assholes. "I'm sure there are better ways to wake a sleeping person." I say drying my face with my hoodie that I picked up from the floor. "Well whatever those methods are I'm sure they wouldn't wake you." That's it. "Look just get to the fucking point before—" "Before what?" Says the second officer which hasn't said nothing until now. I refrained myself from what I was about to say. "Before I freeze my ass off here." I say with a small smile. I'm sure I heard him say something underneath his breathe. Acting like I didn't hear at all I keep my smile. "Well we received some complains of some girl walking around for more that 30 minutes going back an forth here. And others of a girl sleeping in the middle of the road." "So what?" I say unsure of what to say. "That girl is you." The officer said sounding a bit annoyed. "Ohh." Was all I managed to say before having another breeze pass by. "Look we won't press charges on you so just come with us and you can call someone at the station." I honestly didn't care whether or not they pressed charges. But I don't have a phone so going to the station could come in handy. "Lead the way." I say motioning with my arms. One of the officers giggled at my sudden action. The other just walked ahead of me and the one who laughed just walked behind me. Probably making sure I don't run away? Jimin's P.O.V (y/n) was the only thing going through my mind. If something happens to her it'll be my fault. I shouldn't have let her go alone, I should've accompanied her instead. I wiped the sweat of my forehead and kept running towards the direction (y/n) went. Hoseok is most likely ahead of me, he did say he started before me. I just hope she's okay. She's my best friend and I wouldn't want nothing bad happening to her. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, pulling on my shirt to get some air. I'm really thirsty but (y/n) is way more important to me right now. "Excuse me?" I felt a light touch on my shoulder, turning around to find the owner of the voice, I see a girl. A beautiful girl at that. "You look exhausted so.. I was wondering if you'd like this water." She extended her arm out handing me the bottle of water. "I.. " was all I could manage to come out my mouth. "Thank you." Was all I said before taking a sip out of it and returning it to the girl who handed it to me. Even with my eyes closed while drinking the water, I knew she had her eyes on me. "Ah. That was really good. Thank you so much." I grabbed her hands and cupped them with mine along with the bottle. She turned a light shade of red. I chuckled. Cute. "Again thank you for the water." Was the last thing I said before going back to running. I didn't even get her name... (Y/N) P.O.V Already arriving at the police station I sit down for a moment awaiting to be told I can use the phone. I honestly don't even know who I would dial. I could call my mom but she'd panic if she found out her daughter was at the police station. Maybe Jimin? Yeah, Jimin's a good choice. "You can use the phone now." Says the officer. I get up and walk up to the phone. The good part of being best friends with Jimin is I remember he forced me to memorize his phone number, because of "emergencies". So in return he learned mine and we became even. It really did come in handy to learn it. Anyway I dial his number, it took a while for Jimin to answer but he eventually did. "Hello?" Says Jimin on the other side of the line. "Sir there was a difficulty delivering your pizza so I'd like to apologize for your pizza that is now old and ugly just like you." I say trying to sound like a man, I covered my mouth trying not to let out a laugh but it didn't work. "I didn't.. Wait.. I recognize that laugh.. (y/n)!?" "Maybe." "You had me worried sick you little shit!" "Lies." I say trying to sound a bit serious. "I'm not lying. I swear. But anyway where are you calling me from? Where are you? Are you okay?" "Chill one question at a time! I'm at the police station near the ice cream place thing. I'll explain everything later so goodbye now!" With that I place the phone down, seeing a couple of peppermints on the front desk I make myself towards them and take a handful. Earning myself a stare from the man there I just smile. Opening one peppermint, I put the wrapper in my pocket and start savouring the mint. I use to hate mint since it reminded me of the taste of this toothpaste that was mint flavored and left a bad after taste but then I tasted mint ice cream and I fell in love. Weird right? "How's the peppermint?" Asked an officer, the one that was with the rude asshole that threw water at me. "Does it matter?" I say sounding a little annoyed. He's probably just an ass like the other. "Hmm maybe not?" He said chuckling. I smiled a bit. "Well what's wrong officer? Changed your mind on not pressing charges on me?" He laughed. "You're pretty funny." "I get that a lot." "Also I'm not an officer. Not yet." "No wonder I thought you looked way too young." I say scanning him up and down with my eyes. "Think so?" He says with a smile.
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