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Japan is known for all thing Kawaii aka cute. In college, my Japanese roommate always has the most interesting fashion and hair accessory. There's never a day she doesn't look cute. I can't pull that off myself but I secretly adore the style.
For instance, the bottom is always slightly curled. If the bangs are too long, they will pull it back and accessory it with a cute oversize bow.
Fabric or scarf headbands are often used to prettify a ballerina bun.
Again, ribbons are very versatile and they use it to hide the plastic elastics.
One of favorite from the entire list is this half waterfall braid. The bright pink bow makes it even cuter.
It's not always fluffy and cute. Studded headbands are always used as hair accessory for rocker kawaii style.
Finally, this hair color, hair cut and hair accessory is the best!
Why are Japanese hairstyles so freakin' adorable?!