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Time for Fantasy Kpop's third battle!

Below are three questions that can help us find the top vocals in Kpop. I will tally the votes, award points to each person's team, and we'll continue to the next battle!
Please leave your votes in the comments!

Your answers DO NOT HAVE TO BE lead vocals in Kpop. Vote for any idol you think is the best answer to the question.

1. You just had a nightmare, who would you want to sing you to sleep?

2. Whose voice has moved your to tears?

3. Who deserves to be in a Broadway musical?

Leave your comments below!

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Chanyeol Kyuhyun Chen
1. TOP 2. Leo 3. Leo
1. Dean 2. Tiffany 3. V
1JB because he is bae lol 2 Sungkyu when you hear his voice live there is no going back. 3Sungkyu has been in so many musicals he is actually acting in one right now lol
Kyuhyun all the way...he has the voice of an angel 😍😍😍