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My boarding date is getting closer and closer. I'll be doing some last minute shopping this weekend and finish up with my errands next Monday. Last night, a thought came to mind while in the midst of checking off the list of my carry-on. Is it weird if I do a sheet mask on the plane?
The flight is in the evening and I'm considering to do my night time skincare routine on the plane. Then just rest for the night after checking into the hotel.
I don't think I've seen anyone done it before (at least on economy seats), so I'm just wondering is this a good or bad idea?

I don't want to disturb people.

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@Animaniafreak actually your comments remind me of sleeping mask products. It's like a night deep moisturizer that actually has same benefits like sheet mask, but you can wear it while sleep without people known you wearing a masks. lol
@atmi yeah the cream/gel based mask would work too, their consistency tend to be thicker and therefore lock in the moisture. Origin's and Decleor's cream mask are pretty good, Jurlique's rose gel works great too, if you apply a thick layer.
@Animaniafreak I bought local brand last year and I wear it in between sheet mask. love it, no messy! wash it in the morning.
you should do one because the air IS so dry on a plane, and lots of moisturizer. if you choose not to, get one of those pump face mists
@Animaniafreak @atmi @Kamiamon Thanks guys for all the thoughts. I actually did purchase a travel size face mist last week sleeping mask might be a good idea though.