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BEAST definitely has their quirks and thank goodness for us B2uties that not being able to stay silent about their comeback is one of them.
Doojoon, a bit late on the teaser bandwagon, posted the same photo as Yoseob and Junhyung did and wrote "Butterfly Teaser Let's Go". Junhyung then released a teaser of what we may assume to be a screenshot of a music video? Dongwoon also soon posted the same image. And Yoseob sang us a line from the song (난 아름답게 날아가 -> I fly beautifully) and wrote "Good night♡ Sleep after watching this butterfly teaser 1876494600 times♡" You can click here to go watch the video!

D-3 to Butterfly!!! D-10 to Highlight!!!

@tayunnie oh okay!
@AgentLeo oh!!! I just realized that! I always thought they were simply stylized "ㅂㅅㅌ" (the letters for beast in korean) hmmm
@tayunnie ye the ∀ΔΣ (greek lettets)
@agentleo Greek letter?
excited... but kinda sad not no hyunsueng.. also can someone explain the greek letter i never got to looking that up
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