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Boys Over Flower (US Version) - First Impression
So, yesterday I found out through @kpopandkimchi's card there was a BOF Us Version as told by @Anna5221 and @Kamiamon. I was curious and watch the first two episodes.
I was dying of laughter. Here is why:

<<< EPISODE 1 >>>

Summary: Zoey got accepted to a prestigious private school as a dance major, met the rich, "Fortunate 4" and got bullied for standing up for her friend.
What you need to know...
He is F4 leader, Liam. He's suppose to be a basketball player and secret UFC fighter. 馃槀
She is Zoey. She's a very passionate dancer. Almost all 40 minutes is about her dancing. All day. Everyday. 馃拑
The Type of Bullies:
1. Tripping people (which looks really fake).
2. Haircut.
3. Caking the face.
Drama begins: Zoey stands up for her friend and calls him the "b*****d of the lowest order". The next day, Zoey gets terrorized...
...WITH WAX. What kind of wax did they put to get her glide or twitch like that?
So obviously, the worst scene came up when three guys tried to gang rape her but she eventually got saved by American KHJ.
That slap though.

<<< EPISODE 2 >>>

Summary: Liam is very angry at the three guy's mistake and tries to compensate Zoey with his "kindness".

Kindness #1 : Embarrassed the three guys.

Totally not working.

Kindess #2: Give her a makeover and make her his secret GF.

Note: This was the most confusing scene for me. They changed the actress after the makeover scene.
Obviously, not working either.

I can't go beyond episode 3 because the acting was cringe-worthy.

I was actually looking forward to the kick.

(as shown on all three drama versions).

But, in the American version, the water splash is the kick.

Happens in almost every episode I watched.

Final Thoughts:

This was a low-budget production so I didn't expect it to be super high quality. Actually, if you see this as a parody, it might not be so bad.
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It was awful. The girl's dancing was terrible and the acting even worse. We barely madeit through episode 1.
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they should pick someone who can really dance or change the dancing part into something else
2 months ago
@babysanchez1253 I never got passed episode 2 but was surprised the production ended before half-way through the series. Out of all remakes this is the worst is terms of planning and production.
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Oh my gosh...I think I have to watch at least one episode.
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I wish they didn't STOP the SHOW. It was ENTERTAINING.
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At first I was curious into watching it and I was like "no more subtitles"...Reguardless if it was low budget, weather it was good or bad, they should of pick people for the main characters to stay the main characters till the end.... the bullying scenes were horrible, especially when he cut that guys hair because it was the same as his... the way they talk in this version sounded a bit boring like t hose documentary movies when the narrator talks through the whole thing....since the US. has different cultures in it, they should of add that to this version... they should of keep the swimming part instead of her being a dancer or something that hard working girls are passion about to study to make it s career...Make the guy a spoiled brat since he us rich or a rich guy who is trying to get attention because he is lonely and don't have real friends because they only stick to him because of his background...i don't know, I think they could of done this so much better...as low budget, also get people who would want to participate for the fun and experience
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