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So I have part 2 of a previous Okasian/ KZN Oneshot and its gonna be filled with smut. Since we're not allowed to post sexually explicit stuff in the kpop community, and i don't know if the rules apply for the Khiphop community~ I shall be posting it on wattpad and another Fanfic platform i use. I would also like to talk about the line up for these oneshots and who you guys should be expecting in the near future.
Now the one i'm currently working on is Okasian smut, His girl Aireale hasn't seen him since he last left to go to tour. She gets fed up waiting 6 months for him to come back home. One day he pops back up and he tells her the should take a break from each other. A few days later he's at her door to win her back.
Okay so the first request I got the girl didn't specify on a plot, So i'm gonna give you guys the other request I got for him. This scenario is basically where this girl Nasia( yes @nasiawright requested this) is at a concert of his , in which he sees something he likes , and tells her to meet him backstage.
Okay so this G2 request is basically A girl name Nani who use to date G2 back in Texas ( first loves). Where they then break up to pursue their dreams ~ her being a music producer/song writer and him being a rapper. Somewhere in present time they both happen to be in the same place in South Korea , and they start drinking therefore bringing old feelings to light . their night ends in passionate love making.
and the last one was a matia request but they didn't specify on plot . BTW Matia is a newer member of the Cohorts~ hence the reason i couldn't finda gif.
Then a jay park oneshot from a poll i did not to long ago. What can i say I'm A Cohort girl ~ they're part of the reason that korean culture fascinates me.
👏👏👏👏👏😌💘 CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!
@NasiaWright YAASSSSSS
@JaiiPanda you should also post it in the fanfic community and so excited to read it
thanks for that @VeronicaArtino
@JaiiPanda no prob