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Hello everyone!! Most of you probably don't know me so....
Hello!!!!! cx My name is CrookedShadow.
 I am the Ranker of Vingle Kpop...
Well....I plan to make that my official title!!
So far, my job has been to make you guys vote for your bias in your favorite groups and then compare them to each other.
Cruel, I know. But I only started doing this because I was curious to see how popular the members are compared to each other in different groups. Currently, I've only been doing rankings based on your guys' bias in different kpop groups. But for a long time, I've been thinking of making most of my cards based on differeny kpop rankings.
For example: -What's your favorite music video in (insert kpop group)? -What's your favorite song in (insert album) by (insert kpop group)? -What's your favorite hair color on (insert member) from (insert kpop group)? ETC.
So what do you guys think?
And please comment down below any ideas you have that could be ranked. Any idea is a good idea, so please comment even the most random ideas, like who has the best thighs in a group and such.
And also comment down below which idea you would like to see be made the most, and I'll put those up first after I work on a couple more popularity rankings.
So if you guys see these cards floating around please take a few seconds and vote on them. If nobody votes then it would be really boring.
After I put this card put up, the popularity ranking for GOT7 will come up soon after and then I won't post anything for about a month since I'm actually currently in Europe. Please continue tagging me in your cards and I'll be around. Hopefully I'll be able to post these often when I get back.
This is all just for fun! :3 I'm making these cards just to make the Vingle community even funner for you guys! So please take a moment to vote when you see these cards around.
Also, if you would like to help me out please send me a direct message. This isn't difficult so if any of you would like to help please message me c: Well that's all I have to say so please comment and I will see you guys later ^-^
@FalseLove @Kpland1122 Ooooo I really like both of those ideas!!! Thank you so much for them!!!!!! 😄
Please keep tagging me these seem really fun and hope you have fun in Europe!! 😄
Kpop groups from debut to know and which concept you liked the most from that group
Ultimate bias from boy groups and Ultimate bias from girl groups?
@CrookedShadow ahhh ok that makes more sense
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