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Genre: Mafia Pairing: U-Kwon x reader Warning: swearing and violence
You were wearing a slick black dress that had a slit in it that came up to the top of your thigh. There wasn't much not showing really. It wasn't your usual taste but then again it was definitely your boyfriend's taste. "Y/N!" And there he is. U-Kwon, Kim Yu Kwon. His black hair swept perfectly into a small quiff. "Ready?" You nodded and interlinked your hands. He was wearing a suit that matched your dress perfectly - colour wise that is. "The rest of the boys are waiting for us inside the casino"
This wasn't your first time in a casino with these boys. You often went there with them, it seemed to be where they always decided to hang out. After seeing U-Kwon, the second face you were glad to see was Taeil, your best friend. He was in a dark red suit with his famous black glasses on. "Heya lads!" You called out. The rest of the boys turned around. Block B, that's what they called themselves. It was their gang name.
Since dating U-Kwon, you got used to hanging around with them so much so that you spent pretty much all your time with them. You were all comfortable in each other's company. Zico, Kyung, Jaehyo, B-Bomb and the leader P.O. "Heya sis!" Taeil replied. Although you weren't siblings, you were close enough to be considered as brother and sister. "Hey lovely" "Evening darling" "You look pretty" "More like gorgeous" All the comments erupted at once.
"Who is it today?" You asked. One of the boys would always get into a fight with some rival businessman or other rich guy. It didn't matter, there'd always be a disagreement at some point. You could be sure that the nights you spent with them would never go perfectly. Park Kyung raised his hand, "probably me, not in the best of moods today" Of course, his girlfriend - or whore - had left him the other day and he was still moping around over her. He claimed he loved her but she sure as hell didn't feel the same.
"I wouldn't mind a fight today" Zico piped up. Taeil shook his head, "well I don't so for once can we just have a quiet night out?" The rest of you laughed. One of the bartender guys approached your group, "would you guys like a drink or some chips?" You ordered your drinks and so he wandered off to sort out your demand. "What about th-" Zico swung a bag in front of your face. He already had the chips.
B-Bomb and Zico headed over to a roulette table while Kyung went over to the dart board. P.O was staring past you and you could immediately tell where he was looking. Or more like who he was looking at. "Go over to her!" You demanded. "What?" "You've been eyeing up Kara for the last few minutes. You do this every time just talk to her" "Nah I'm good" "What are you afraid?" He glared at you.
P.O was known for taking advantage of whoever he wanted. That was except you and Kara. You were like a sister to him but Kara... He always eyed her, there was no doubt that he liked her. The problem was that he was scared that he'd use her and then never forgive himself. If he was able to control himself and settle down with anyone, he'd make sure that he'd do that with her. Yet, that just seemed impossible for him and you knew that. He wasn't afraid of talking to her, he'd easily talk her down but he restricted himself. He did this for her benefit rather than his own.
All these boys seemed to be caught up in girlfriend troubles. Ha. You'd already been there and done that. You and U-Kwon had already gone through fights and jealousy. You were now at the point that you were settled and there would be nothing to draw you apart. Both of you still made each other jealous but you'd soon forget it when you two entered the bedroom. It made you laugh when seeing these boys have the same troubles that you used to have. You tried to advise them but your advice was rarely used.
"I'm gonna head to the poker table, you coming babe?" You nodded and followed your boyfriend. Taeil and Jaehyo decided to join the pair of you. There was an important looking rich guy sat to U-Kwon's right hand side and some kind of friend of his sat opposite. "Place your bets lads" the dealer stated. U-Kwon slid a handful of chips forward. "Really gonna risk that much there laddie?" The rich guy teased. "Of course, are you afraid of losing?" The man shook his head, "and why do you think I'd lose to a bruiser like you?"
The game started. You never really knew how poker worked so you just sat close by U-Kwon's left hand side watching over his movements. You almost fazed out until you heard the fatal words, "that's a win for you mister Kim." Damn the guy did not look happy especially seeing U-Kwon's smug face. Your boyfriend had a skill at playing poker. Although he could get cocky about it, he hardly ever lost. Jaehyo smirked over at the man, "hand the money over then mate" "No fucking way!" He yelled and pulled an object out of his pocket. He raised it and it clicked. Great... He had a gun pointed at your boyfriend.
Hope you guys enjoyed the first part to this new fanfic of mine. I apologise for the massive delay!!! Don't worry neither this or the Yoongi one should affect each other in anyway. Tagging: @SusiBosshammer @HayleyEastman @MaritessSison @thedopeshow1994 @SerenaArthurs @AngelaDarkness
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